Apple Yosemite Beta Testing

The last couple of weeks have not been much fun for me. Lilliam has been in Panama City and it has just been Koki and I looking after each other.

All of my time has been making trips to and from the stroke victims house, to the bank finding options for paying the stroke victims bills, or getting some carry out food. I told Lilliam, on one of my phone calls, that we needed to buy some new dishes. When she asked why, I told her because all of the ones we have are dirty and in the sink.

I am not sure she appreciated my humor. She comes home today and the sink will be empty and all dishes in their proper place.

As I said, I have not been doing anything I enjoy, so yesterday evening, I decided to begin another technology project. Getting involved in studying technology and solving those types of problems, rather than other people’s health problems, relax me and get my mind thinking about something that is fun.

That being the case, I signed up to be a part of the Apple Yosemite Beta Public Test. A few days ago, Apple opened up public testing of the system that will be released in September. It has been a while since I have participated in this type of software testing and it is a good way to take my mind off more serious things.

To participate you have to apply for acceptance . Actually the main requirement was to be one of the first million requestors and willing to put up with the problems of reporting problems encountered. There is always the possibility of “bricking” your PC.

I registered, and received my redemption code to allow the download. It took about two hours to download the 5GB Yosemite Beta to my Apple MacBook Air. It took another 30 minutes to install it. That would probably have been about 35 minutes total, if I were living in in the U.S. However it could have been days if I were living in other parts of Panama.

The download and install went smoothly. I will have to say I like the new look. The Beta system comes with a special application called Feedback Assistant. The Feedback Assistant is what you use to report any problems or anomalies that occur. I submitted one report last night.

It is early in the process, but everything seems to be running pretty good. My experience is similar to when I was running Microsoft Vista and that was a released system. The only way I was able to solve the Vista problems was to move to Windows 7. The problems I encounter now should only last for a couple months and perhaps my experience will help improve the final product.

This post is being written on the Yosemite Beta PC and I store all final documents on my Mac Mini, which is my primary PC. Normally I use iCloud as temporary storage until a post is finalized and then moved the final document to the Mac Mini hard drive. In this test environment, I can’t use iCloud because there are changes being made so I am having to change my process.

I had set up “ data sharing” in the past and now I am using that to save to the Mac Mini hard drive. This works fine as long as I am able to access my local network. I like the iCloud method because I can access documents if I am traveling.

IMG_0184I tried out all of the applications last night and all worked. I am using Apple Pages to write this post. I FaceTimed with one of my granddaughters last night (photo taken with iPhone). I can tell that Yosemite is not ready for release, but for a Beta, it is pretty darn good.



Well I guess I better close this to take care of the dishes in the sink. Lilliam is probably on the bus to David and will be here before I know it.

3 thoughts on “Apple Yosemite Beta Testing

  1. I up graded to Mavericks10.9.4 a few months ago. It became unstable and could not repair it’s self. last week I wiped the hard drive and reinstalled via the internet. It took all night. I am still having random problems like: everything on the screen will get very large and pixilated like an image the a has been enlarged too much. The only way I have found to get things back to normal size is to restart. This problem started when I up graded the system originally. This is the first time I have had theses problems since mac went to a unix based OS. The system now says every thing is OK with the software and the hard ware checks out OK as well. Since the Soft ware is new I assume there is a problem in this computer or I have messed up some settings.

    Any thoughts?

  2. Hi Ray. I have Mavericks 10.9.4 running on 5 machines.Three of mine and two friends of mine with absolutely zero problems. It sounds like there is a hardware failure somewhere in your system, such as memory going bad.

  3. Don:
    thanks, I will look in at the hard ware again. It must be a problem with this computer since I have a new OS and still having intermittent problems.

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