Chiriquí Chatter Host Outage

Over the last several days, CC has suffered several periods of down time. As soon as I realize that the site is not up, I submit a trouble ticket. I also post a notification o the CC Status Site to indicate that I am aware of an outage and am working on fixing it.

This morning, when I got up CC was down and my monitor site showed that it had been down for 4 hours at the time I submitted a trouble ticket.

The CC Status site is designed to show the last 24 hours of operation and also acknowledge that the site is down if I am aware of it.

The total outage for July 19 was about 19 hours.

7 thoughts on “Chiriquí Chatter Host Outage

  1. Don,

    It was both internet and cable TV. They blocked all their phone lines as well.

    Don I also started a relocation service for those moving their household goods between Costa Rica and Panama.

    I have the connections with truckers, customs agents, and lawyers on both sides of the borders.

    I would like to see if there is away I could be added to your site.

    The other thing you might warn the unsuspecting of how the local DHL tries to force customers to pay a double fee to receive our passports from the US Embassy. Many of us gave our passports to the Embassy representatives while they were here in David or Boquete. So we just needed to pay DHL to return the passports, as long as we E-mailed a copy of the DHL receipt with the UPC code. DHL tries to force people to pay to have this receipt mailed by them.


  2. At this time all I have is my E-mail address, phone numbers, Whatsapp, etc.

    I tried to set up a WordPress site but I did not find it so user friendly. Thank you.

  3. To go in the Link area requires a presence on the web. WordPress is the best.

    However, if you want to write up your capabilities along with contact information, I can post it as a onetime post.

  4. I am on the verge of total corruption and $$$ and $$$ we don’t have. #l – with an attorney #2 – with our builder #3 with repairs to our house #4 with excessive downtime with TV and internet and phone, #5 with our insurance not paying to hospitals and Dr’s here in Panama..unless we pay up front…We are getting broke….Everything we try to do is more and more $$$ and not done…..Everyone, pay attention. .

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