A Few Less Marbles

Here it is another July 4th. My how time flies! Like a lot of holidays, it makes me remember times with family, fireworks, picnics etc. and now that I am in Panama it is harder to be with them.

Luckily there is still the Internet and the telephone. Not a replacement for being there in person, but at least they know I am thinking of them.

Several years ago I received an email called “Life Compared to a Thousand Marbles”. I like to repost it every now and then because I think the message it contains is very important.

If you remember it from before, you might still like reading it again as I often do. In the mean time, I think I will go tell Lilliam I love her and appreciate each day we have together. Maybe I can convince her to go out for breakfast.

For the original post, click HERE. Now go have a special day.

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