Another Update

Yesterday, Lilliam, I and Natalie visited the stroke victim. I felt that he showed some improvement over the previous visit. I think things will improve more beginning next week as Tom McCormack contacted me and has a hospital bed ready for delivery on Monday. He also has a replacement wheelchair.

While we were there Lilliam checked the patient’s medicine. He was in need of refills and I purchased them at a nearby Romero’s. That was $38.

On a previous visit, I was able to reimburse his landlady for his hospital bill and wheelchair that she had paid. Her expenses were $1,324.32. To this point, I have purchased supplies, medicine and groceries in the amount of $489.

I talked to the stroke victim’s sister last night and she is trying to work through the VA to check on possible benefits. The outcome of that search is still undetermined.

The conversation I had with her last night was interesting. She said she had a conversation with the stroke victim when he lived in Costa Rica and told him he needed to take some action in case of emergency. She told him he needed to make a will and possibly give her a power of attorney in case something happened to him.

He obviously didn’t take her advice. She had reminded him that none of his family would be able to come to Latin America and take care of his final wishes if he were to die.

Maybe her insight will be a good reminder for others reading this post to consider if they are prepared for an unplanned event and what they have or haven’t done.

I would like to say thank you again for all that donated to this stroke victim’s care while he is recovering. At the present, I still have approximately $500 to cover future medicine, physical therapy and doctor visits.

I also would like to thank Tom McCormack for his help. I think the hospital bed will be a big improvement in taking care of the stroke victim.

I want to recognize another blogging friend that donated money. When I first started blogging back in 2003, I met Marie who writes a blog called Disarranging Mine. Her blog is sort of a photo blog, but she sometimes has some commentary on what is going on in her world. Her photos have always interested me as she sees things that many would never see.

It still amazes me how the technological world has made our physical world much smaller. Chirquí Chatter has introduced me to so many friends around the world and it has made my world all that more special.

Thanks to the readers of Chiriquí Chatter

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