Gas Prices 9/21/2014 in David

It has been a while since I posted gas prices in David. This was the price as of Saturday. Remember that prices in Panama are by the liter and that the octane uses European standard. Therefore 91 in Panama is 87 octane in the US and 95 is 91octane.

The 91 octane would be $4.13/gallon and the 95 would be $4.34/gallon. Diesel would be $3.65/gallon.


3 thoughts on “Gas Prices 9/21/2014 in David

  1. Pretty much the same here in Las Tablas, Los Santos. The way things look now they’ll be over $6.00 by year end.

  2. Calculating the price of fuel sold in Germany, “95” per gallon is $8.53 and diesel is $7.42. In Dallas, Tx (according to one web site), the average is $3.59 for “95” and the lowest prices for diesel are around $3.55 to $3.60. Diesel is a good deal in Panama. Now, I prefer diesel even though routine maintenance (change oil/filters) is about twice as expensive than if running a gas engine.

  3. The price of gasoline and diesel is not what makes a town or country. Panama has the most decent and hard-working people and this is why I will stay in Panama. Pensamos quedarnos en Panama.

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