Paul Leti

Someone posted a YouTube video on FaceBook today and after listening to it, I searched for more from the same singer (Paul Leti).

He is a soldier in the US Army and used singing to boost his and his fellow soldier’s spirits. YouTube is really making some individuals known that might never have been discovered.

This is an exceptional singer and the video I am posting below has a special message.

I think all of us sometimes don’t realize what we have lost until we have lost it, especially when it comes to family.

When you listen to this song, think of your loved ones that you may not have told lately how much they mean to you. You can’t tell them after they are gone, so pick up a phone and do it now.

4 thoughts on “Paul Leti

  1. Absolutely beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing, Don. I have listened to this soldier before…he is awesome!!

  2. Saw this young man perform on America’s Got Talent last week. His voice is remarkable – if he doesn’t win this competition, I’ll be very surprised.

  3. Everyone who has had a loved one serve in the military knows how poignant is this soldier’s rendition of “Home”. I certainly got a little misty. Give it a listen.

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