I Need Your Help

I am not sure the best way to present this, so I am just going to start with a request for your help. I started writing this at 4:00 AM because I couldn’t sleep.

Bear with me. while I try to give you enough information for you to decide to be a part of this solution. I am tired, so please excuse me if this is hard to understand.

This is a follow up related to the individual I visited in the Regional Hospital last Friday.

Yesterday, I met with the individual in his apartment. He was released on Sunday and his sister, in the US, had asked the Embassy for more information on his condition.

Lilliam and I went over yesterday morning and spent over an hour at his residence. I called the Embassy while I was there so they could speak with him.

Following that phone call Lilliam and I talked with the lady that was caring for him and another young neighbor came by at the request of the apartment owner.

The individual had been in the hospital two times. The first time was as a result of a stroke. He had been there around a week when he was released the first time.

However, following his release he had blood pressure problems and was readmitted last week. That was stabilized and he released on Sunday.

The stroke has affected his right side and he is requiring constant monitoring and therapy. While his mind appears to be fine, his motor functions aren’t.

I am sure you will ask why he was released from the hospital if he needs constant care. A reasonable question. It is a matter of economics. It would be cheaper if he can be attended outside the hospital than inside and his US Social Security is marginal.

He is a US veteran, however, he wasn’t in long enough to have medical benefits.

His land lady paid the first hospital bill and on his second time there, he was released after she paid a small amount with promise to pay the rest little by little. The land lady also rented a wheelchair for one month which was in the apartment.

My first thought was to check on some of the adult care facilities in David. Lilliam and I went by two yesterday. However, the prices for both exceeded this individual’s monthly income.

It then became apparent that the most cost effective thing to do was to try to get medical support in the home along with physical therapy.

The young neighbor had contact with a physical therapist and that was setup. He will be getting three treatments a week at the cost of $20/treatment. That is cheap when you consider that the therapist is probably taking a taxi to get to the residence.

A hospital bed will be needed and the young neighbor had said they had talked to Señor Robinson, who helps Tom McCormack, and he may have one, but he needs to get some parts to have it ready. I will be checking with Tom McCormack to help me with this problem.

Now to another piece of the story. When I got involved with this case, I gave the Embassy my Magic Jack number so that the sister in the US could call me. I have talked to her twice. The first time last Friday and yesterday.

Since last Friday, she had been trying to contact the individual’s daughter. Yesterday, after visiting the two adult care places, I got home and was called by the daughter. Since she wasn’t on the initial PAW as a contact, the Embassy could not talk to her.

She called me because the sister had given her my MagicJack number. She is wanting to come down, but doesn’t have a current passport. I talked to her for close to thirty minutes.

While I was talking to her, I had Lilliam call the caretaker and tell the individual that his sister had given his daughter my name and number and she had called me and wanted to come down. Since she was not on the PAW, I needed his authorization to say that was OK so I could ask the Embassy to assist her in expediting her passport. He gave his approval.

With that I notified the Embassy and started the ball running for her to get her passport issued and to come down. I figure we will be lucky if she can get here by the end of next week.

So let me come back to my request for help. I am convinced that the only option that makes immediate sense is to have care in his residence. From understanding the financial situation, neither he nor his family are going to be able to cover his bills.

His SS will cover his rent and food. I may have to assist in getting his SS and paying his bills. His landlady has over $1,100 that she has covered for current hospital bills that will have to be repaid. The physical therapist will be $60 a week so that is $240 a month. There are other medical expenses such as Depends and medicine that I can’t currently estimate. Currently, I am sure that there will be a need for over $2,000 that isn’t available at this moment.

Now that I have gotten involved, I am not going to walk way without helping, but I can’t do it all myself. If you can afford to donate to this cause, I will assure you that the money will be accounted for and well used.

I have only asked for help one other time and my readers came through. That was on the Nunes case. I realize this is just one person, but I believe we can make a difference.

My hope is that in a month’s time he will be well enough to make a better decision for long term.

You can contact me by email at donraycc@gmail or call me at 6638-3372. I also have a PayPal account that you can use if you are out of Panama and want to help.

16 thoughts on “I Need Your Help

  1. Makes me wish I had a few dollars in savings, some health insurance, some kids who gave a damn about me. None of these things do I have. So with a tear in my eye, I know that some day I could be your next client. I am in good health but that can change in an instant. All I can do is pray.

  2. Hola Don
    If this individual was in the service for one day, he is eligible for VA care, not here in Panama, but in the U.S. I did not retire from the military but I have had VA care since 2000 when I was laid off and lost my medical coverage. The only thing I do not have is Dental and I do not get free eyeglasses. Otherwise I receive over $450 a month in diabetes medications, have had 2 surgeries on my eye, had a broken ankle taken care of, annual checkups, MRI, 2 colonoscopies and more. Will discuss a donation with my wife. It would be easiest to donate through a PayPal account since we live in Pedasi. Will be praying for him.

  3. To this point the Embassy had not been able to find any VA coverage. It may have been that he did not apply for it. The Embassy did investigate. I had asked again as of yesterday.

    Email me if you want my email address on my PayPal account.

  4. Has returning to the USA been discussed? Fly back and a direct admission into a VA facility for starts.

  5. Thanks for all your help, he is not as alone as he thinks, is good to see people is that helpfull and althouh he needs as much help as we can give to him, all your support give him and people around hope.

  6. There was a man who was new to town. He was from Florida, and most recently from Bocas. He had a recent head injury that occurred in Bocas. Slowly he was losing function…ability to speak and even walk. Myself and some friends got him to a doctor and made connection with family. MRI showed a bleeding on his brain. We all made a critical decision to get him back to VA in Florida. We flew with him to Panama City…and watched for any critical changes… ( If he got worse we would take him to a hospital there in PC.) He made it back to Florida with his family there waiting. The very next day he had brain surgery in the VA hospital. He is totally normal and living here in Boquete today.

  7. Hi Don,
    Just reading your blog now as we are looking to spend a year in panama to see if we like it enough to make the move permanent. We are in London and love reading about how much the community bands together and really impressed with your dedication to helping this person through this. Would like to donate £50 if you still need it.

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