USA vs GHANA Today in the World Cup

The one sport that really dominates, in Panama, is soccer. Today the USA plays GHANA at 5:00PM Panama time.

Almost all restaurants and bars have TVs that will have the game

Next to Brazil, the US has purchased more tickets than any other country. I will be watching — will you? Go USA.

5 thoughts on “USA vs GHANA Today in the World Cup

  1. Not on my life. BORING, SLOW, BACK AND FORTH for 3 hours and what do you have???? 1 to 0 or a big game 1-2. Also those guys are a bunch of pussies. Their phoney knock downs, rolling around like a 5 year old only to get and keep playing. Kind of like basketball. That game could be just 15 minutes with no time outs and its over. BORING !!!!!

    Now Australian Rules football or Rugby are the games to watch !!!! Those guys get the crap knocked out of them every game and they just keep on going. You don’t see them flopping around or crying about a twisted knee or concussions. Play on is the call. The NFL is OK in a pinch. But I’ll take the Aussies anytime. Hey, and their girls ain’t bad either !!!!

  2. There’s a house being painted near where I live. I think I’ll go watch it dry. About the same level of excitement.

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