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I have noticed over the last several months that my vision was problematic. I put off going to Optica Metro until I got back from the US.

Yesterday, I went to see Dra. Ines Chang at Optica Metro. She confirmed that things had changed and said she didn’t want to change my lenses until I saw an ophthalmologist.

Several years ago she had sent me to see Dr. Adriano Young León, who practices out of Hospital Mae Lewis. At that time he had recommended I get a study done in Panama City. That resulted in a diagnosis of dry macular degeneration in my left eye.

I told her I would rather see another doctor, if possible. While very good, Dr. Young did not speak English and that makes things a little more difficult. However, the big objection I had was that he is only here once in a while and when he is, the waiting list is several hours to get in to see him.

Dr. Ines said she had started using Dr. Miguel A. Molina, who is in Hospital Chiriqui. She called and set me up with an appointment for 3:00PM and told me to be there around 2:00PM.

A word on Dra. Ines Chang. I really like her. She is without a doubt one of the nicest and most caring eye doctors I have ever been to. She is thorough and will tell you straight if there is a problem she thinks needs to be attended to besides just adjusting your lenses.

I was also pleased with my initial visit with Dr. Miguel Molina. He also was thorough. I took a copy of the photos from my visit to Panama City in 2009. He found some cornea abnormalities and prescribed some drops he wanted me to take for two weeks and than return for another checkup.

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  1. Ok, got to put in my two-cents-worth… One of the known contributing factors to cataracts, macular degenerate, and some other eye problems is excess sugar in the diet. Another (not yet proven, but highly suspected) contributing factor is the gluten, gliadin, and amylopectin-A in modern dwarf wheat.

    Back when I went on a low-carb, grain-free diet in 1999, I had already been diagnosed with the beginnings of cataracts in both eyes. Since 1999, there has been no progression of those cataracts. For other reasons, I have found that for me, “excess” sugar is *any* added sugar at all.

    Other things that are known to help prevent (or even partially reverse) eye disorders in general are vitamin A, vitamin B12, and fish oil (preferably in the form of eating cold-water fish).

  2. On your recommendation, I went to Dr Ines Chang a year ago. She is undoubtedly one of the nicest ladies I ever met. Like many here in Panama, she is friendly and hard working. Her English is perfect. She is worth the drive every time I need glasses.

  3. Like Ross, on your recommendation, I went to Optica Metro on Obaldia. Good parking right in front, courteous and prompt service at the reception area, and a well-kept and professional showroom. But the best part is Dra. Chang. She is very knowledgeable, speaks perfect English, and is determined that everything you want and need is made available to you. Bought a year’s worth of contact lenses for the same price I would have paid to buy them at Sam’s Club in the States, but without the $70 exam fee. This one was gratis! So impressed that I bought a pair of glasses, too and they were right at $100.

  4. Hi Don Ray,

    Hope all goes well with the drops. They seem to know their stuff here. My dermatologist found a small normal looking mole, but since it was on the bottom of my foot she said it could become a problem in time and removed it.

    I’m still a few years from my next colonoscopy and would prefer to find a doctor here rather than return to CR. Is there anyone you could recommend?


  5. My husband and I just went to Dra. Chang and were very pleased with her professional manner. My husband was referred to Dr. Molina and found he only had the start of a cataract and that glasses will do him fine for now. We both felt that Dra. Chang was very thorough in her examinations and actually cares about her clients. It was a pleasure dealing with her and we will again.

  6. Karen, I have not done my colonoscopy here. On my list of things to do, and I don’t have the experience to recommend or not recommend.

  7. Thanks for the reply, Don Ray.

    Will update on any findings. Had the procedure done by Dr. Vicky Con Chin in CR, and would recommend. 506 2201 7201

  8. Prior exam was several years ago with Dra. Vicky in CR. As I recall the cost was something under 400$.

    Will get back if I hear of any highly recommended doc here, Don Ray.

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