Apple’s WWDC14

Today Apple held it’s World Wide Developer Conference in California. I watched it live via my Apple TV. While I am no longer a developer, I do get a kick out of seeing what Apple is up to and I thought today was pretty special.

Today was all about software and specifically IOS and OSX, Apple’s mobile and desktop systems. What I saw was a continuing improvement in integration between the two platforms and applications running on them.

More than that was Apple’s emphasis on the development kits available to developers. There was a lot of information provided in the WWDC keynote and I think many would enjoy watching it.

Seeing what will be in the Fall release of OSX and IOS really wetted my desire for these releases.

No real hardware information was given other than iPhone 4 will not be supported with the next IOS. However, with the new features in the operating systems, I expect the next hardware release to be special as well. Luckily I am using iPhone 4S, so my phone will still have a little more life in it.

I sent some of my grandkids the WWDC14 video to watch. If one or more of them show any interest, I will consider getting them setup with a development kit. No matter what career they choose, being able to develop an Apple Application would be good experience, and Apple is making development easier than it was when I coded in assembly language.

Ah to be young again.


4 thoughts on “Apple’s WWDC14

  1. Don, has nice summary of what happened today at the WWDC thing. My sense is that they’ve done some marginal improvements in inter-device communications and some aspects of their OS, but really nothing earth-shaking….

  2. I agree that there was no really mind blowing change, but I did think that all the features added were things that would make using multiple devices much better. Compare that to Microsoft’s history with Vista, then W7, then W8 and whatever comes next. I see the Microsoft users with more confusion

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