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To end the suspense of the absence of posts, I will begin at the end of the lovely Miss Lilliam’s and my 28 day trip to the U.S.

The trip included a Royal Caribbean repositioning cruise from Colon, Panama to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, a flight to Austin, Texas to rent a car, time in in Enid, Oklahoma, time in Allen and McKinney, Texas, time in Austin, Texas, and ending in Las Vegas, Nevada. On May 23rd we returned to Panama City.

Those of you who were connected to Chiriquí Chatter’s Twitter account (@chiriquichatter), were pretty well kept up with the happenings on our trip through check-ins on FourSquare, which were posted to Facebook and Twitter.

So with that introduction, let’s begin.


Needless to say this has been a memorable trip. My last trip to the U.S. was in 2010 for my 50th high school reunion.

The Delta flight from Austin, Texas to Las Vegas was the toughest part of our entire trip. We got up at 2:30AM Monday to make a 6:00AM flight. My daughter and her family had thrown us a going away party and we actually didn’t get to bed before 11:00PM.

We arrived in Las Vegas at 9:00AM. Maureen, a friend of mine as a result of one of my Embassy cases, met us at the airport. She drove us from the airport directly to the Las Vegas Marriage Bureau.

Yes, the primary reason for this portion of our trip was to unite Miss Lilliam’s family and mine via our marriage. This provided the reason, for the need to arrive early in Las Vegas.

While I had used the Las Vegas marriage license online system to request the license , I never like to take chances. If there had been a problem, I had all of Monday to get the license manually.

Luckily, all I had to do was provide my online registration number from my submission and the license was brought and signed within a matter minutes. With around 100,000 weddings a year, Las Vegas is well organized and makes it easy to tie the knot. No waiting period. No blood test. Just $60 to get the license. Easy Peasy so to speak.

Maureen took the following photo to record the event. I can’t adequately express my appreciation for all that Maureen did for us during our stay in Las Vegas.

Marriage License Obtained
Marriage License Obtained

After obtaining the license, we grabbed a quick breakfast around the corner and then drove to the Graceland Wedding chapel to check in and make sure that all was set for the following day. The limousine was confirmed and we were told to be in our hotel room for an 11:30AM call by the limo driver, who would provide the exact time he would pick us up for the 12:30 PM ceremony.

Next Maureen gave us a quick Las Vegas Strip tour ending at the MGM Signature 3 Tower for our check in.. The room was spectacular. The twenty-third floor view added to the event that would occur tomorrow. Lilliam and I now had Monday afternoon to rest and recover from the flight and the early morning stress of dropping off the rental car. We did take a little time in the evening to explore the MGM Grand and we walked a little of the Strip and had something to eat before retiring.

That concludes day one in Las Vegas. As the day ended my stomach filled with butterflies as I wanted tomorrow to be as prefect as the lady that was going to be sharing tomorrow and all of my future tomorrows with. Color me a very lucky man.

23 thoughts on “Whatcha Been Up To Lately

  1. Wait, this just occurred to me.
    You took the honeymoon cruise, THEN got married!? haha

    Congratulations to you and Lilliam. You are both thoughtful and delightful people.

    Nena and Jim

  2. That’s great on the marriage. A woman loves security. A thought for you would be to get a living will made up. Most of the notaries do this for a small fee. If you die in Panama the country can take over your estate and appoint lawyers to dictate who gets what., and can charge up to 30% of your estate for a fee that goes to the lawyers. That way a relative cant show up and file a claim on your estate and get everything awarded to them. Leaving your wife with nothing. She wont get any social security benefits because the law is that she must have resided in the states for at least 5 years before your death with you. Of course I imagine you have her on all your bank accounts like I have my wife. Notory Amy Wintergreen across from the electric company in David set my living will up and did a nice job, that is also registered with the government. It would be a good idea to get married in Panama too. Since Panama probably wont honor your marriage in the USA just like the USA wont honor a Panmanian marriage.

  3. Hi Don Ray. So you left Vegas the same day I got there with my family…going back home today. To you and Lilliam, I wish you happiness and blessings!
    ps. glad you are back, you kill me with this long no posting days.

  4. Hi Gordon. All good points. The Panamanian legal system doe require planning to protect estates. Fortunately or unfortunately, I have no assets in Panama.

    Jaime – I am still in Panama City. The return to David will be later this week. I guess with this return the “Honey dos” will take on a different meaning.

    My loses in Vegas were a $5 bet on #28 and $1 in the slots. How did you do?

  5. Congratulations to you both. Best wishes on your marriage.

    PS: Is Liliam chiricana…?

  6. I always win in Vegas, never play any slots or tables. Four times in the last year. Not a single bet. Again, felicidades!

  7. Beg to differ with Gordon, my wife and I got married in Panama and our marriage is binding in California where I have reside for over 20 years.

  8. Had suspected that you and Lilliam were up to something. Congratulations! Really need to ask – was the marriage performed by an Elvis impersonator? All the best to you both.

  9. Congratulations Don and Lilliam! May God bless you with many wonderful years together.


  10. Congrats to Don , for catching the beautiful lady, not sure any congrats are in order for her! LOL

    Last time I was in Vegas , I lost my whole quarter!

  11. Woaoo GREAT!!!!!
    The Diaz’ family wishes both of you a long life together with happiness and all the good thinks life can provide. God Bless your marriage.
    Love you all,
    Tomas & Mirna

  12. Congatulation Don & Lilliam, I’m so happy to hear about your marriage. You look so beautiful together.


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