I’m Outta Here

As I said a while back, I am taking a little time off. My Internet may be inconsistent and I may be occupied enough that I just won’t connect.

Sharon Sample will be covering all David Warden requests from the U.S. Embassy in Panama City. She will be the one that the Embassy will call in my absence. It has been quiet for a while and hopefully it will stay that way.

If I receive any Embassy notifications, I will try to get them posted, but don’t count on it. I am sure Sharon will post on the David Yahoo group if I don’t get it posted.

Take care. Smell the roses. Look out for each other.

Following are some US Embassy in Panama URLs as well as the email address for the American Citizen Services Unit and the Federal Benefits Unit.






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  1. Our friends Judy and John Ginnity will be on the same cruise. Can’t miss them; he’s 6’4″. Hope you and Lilliam have a blast. We did the repositioning cruise from Miami to Colon last year. Beware! We gained a pound a day!

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