Koki is one Cool Dog


One of the last things on the ToDo schedule was to get Kiki clipped. Happy Pet is the place to go for all pet care needs. Best vets in Chiriquí for my money. I would not take Koki to any other location. Sam and Pat love animals and it is obvious.


This time we decided to give koki a cut that would allow her to be cooler while we were gone. I am not sure what she thinks of her new look, but I think she likes it.

4 thoughts on “Koki is one Cool Dog

  1. Some people who use Happy Pets think these two vets walk on water; others think they are incompetent, especially when it comes to surgeries. I have personal experiences myself of people who have brought dogs/cats to our clinics in Volcan after having being operated on by these vets. One puppy would soon have lost his leg because of incompetent treatment. Because the owners brought the puppy to our clinic in Volcan, just in time, the puppy’s leg was saved. In several cases (one that I personally saw at our clinic and numerous others that I heard from reliable sources), the David vet removed only ONE ovary in a female – supposedly so the dog could continue to “have fun.” Stupid, stupid, stupid! Even though the female had had her uterus removed and couldn’t get pregnant, she still goes into heat, still gets hounded and mounted by numerous males, is still vulnerable to internal venereal tumors that are rampant in Panama, and are eventually fatal. Sex with ONE infected animal gets spread, spread, spread, from one to another. (This particular female dog had her second ovary removed by Dr. Tello at our clinic; the ovary also had a tumor on it.) So no, never would I recommend these vets. I have had no personal experience with them with my own dogs, but I’ve only seen some terrible results of their “work” done on other people’s animals.

    I have no objection to recommending vets (or anything else) on this forum. I do strongly suggest that one or two great recommendations are not enough to give people confidence, and that they should ask on this forum about the experiences of other pet owners. Competent vets in this area are about nil, and before I began the spay/neuter clinics, I had horrible experiences with most of them – in Volcan, and in David. Before I began the spay/neuter clinics in Volcan, I new NOTHING about what competent care was or wasn’t. Now I do.

    After I began our spay/neuter clinics in Volcan and enlisted our wonderful Dr. Tello who operates at our clinics, now I would not trust any of my 14 dogs to anyone but him. He is Panamanian but lives and works in Costa Rica and is licensed to work in both countries. He speaks passable English. He is gracious enough to come meet people at the border in Paseo Canoas with an animal in trouble. Just yesterday I met him at the border to bring home one of my dogs that he took with him at our clinic on Sunday. Dr. Tello is without exception the best veterinarian I have ever known, including those I used in the US.


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