Really Time To Dump Google

In the past I have mentioned that I do not like Google as a company. I think they are a predator and I do not like their business practices.

I have moved away from Google search to using Bing. Google was tracking all of my searches. I have wanted to drop all my gmail accounts, but haven’t had the full motivation until this article came out yesterday.

Now that Google has officially made it clear that they are scanning all email, the motivation is here. I will make a conscious effort to change my email with all companies and websites I have registered it with.

I will most likely only leave the gmail address that I use for this blog and move all others. Since I have my email addresses listed with many credit cards and other sites, it will take time, but I am going to do it.

I use Apple products and will most likely move all my emails to the Apple iCloud address, However, if I wasn’t an Apple user, I would consider moving to any other provider (Yahoo, Microsoft, ,,,). It would be nice if all email was encrypted, but at the present, that isn’t easy.

You have no privacy with Google. Join the band wagon and dump Google. For me that means all products that use Google technology too. No cell phone that uses Android. No Amazon Fire that uses Android. No Blogger.

I wish Google had not bought Waze because I will continue to use it, but I will support no other Google product. To see all of the Google products, look HERE.

Google has become to electronics and technology as GMO has become to agriculture.

Goodbye Google.

20 thoughts on “Really Time To Dump Google

  1. We use a web-based product at my work that is only supported by Google Chrome. Every time Google makes an update, our system doesn’t perform right until a patch is created. It’s SO frustrating! I didn’t know about the privacy stuff though. I like the format of my Gmail much better than Yahoo. 🙁

  2. Kim, I also removed my Chrome browser. I still have Firefox and Opera, but typically only use Safari. I use the Mail application of OSX and don’t access my email via a browser.

  3. I have free email capability with my web host using my domain name. When I originally started, I used I found that if my web host had a problem or if my website had a problem, that I also lost my email. Too much risk in doing that.

    Plus, I have to pay for all of the storage used for my site. Email can consume a lot of space. Today, I pretty well moved all communications to I will respond to gmail emails, but will create very few.

  4. I have been thinking about this since I started using abine. Since old habits are hard to break, I bookmarked bing and labelled it google. I’m working on the gmail part but it is like untangling yarn. 🙂

  5. Someone sent me this It uses Google for the search but removes all tracking information before submitting to Google. I have changed Bing to it. Gmail is extremely annoying if you ever use a VPN. When Google sees you access it from a different location, it makes you go to the page and reset it. Yesterday, I changed all address to I will eventually change the gmail addresses to forward all email to my iCloud account. That will pick up any stragglers.

  6. Welcome to my brand new account! haha You will probably have to OK the post as it’s a new email to CC.
    I’ll look into the startpage link, thank goodness I don’t have the VPN annoyance, that would make me crazy(ier).

    It turns out that I have old hotmail and msn accounts from years ago, they were migrated to for me. And I like the word/excel on-line links in outlook, very handy.

  7. If Microsoft had been smart enough to have started the address at the time they purchased Hotmail, I would never have had a gmail account. I just did not want hotmail appended to my email address.

  8. Besides Startpage there is another good privacy protection search engine called DuckDuckGo,

    With this search engine installed, you can also simply highlight a word or article and right click on the highlighted word/s and it will perform the search. No need to bring up a new website search page.

    I use both.

  9. Yes, I know. I was the one who originally recommended Startpage to you. I just wanted to let you know there was another.

  10. I just finished watching the 2nd part of “United States of Secrets” on PBS Frontline. I now believe that regardless of which browser/website/email/video conferencing/texting service is used, the government is recording the action.

    This is the kind of story that Hollywood wishes it could produce except this one is reality.

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