Finca Santa Marta Revisited

Last month, Lilliam, Natalie and I visited Ron And Kim Miller’s Finca Santa Marta. Most residents in Chiriquí know Ron and Kim from their organic products that are sold throughout the area. They always have tables at the Boquete Tuesday Market. Many restaurants, such as Cuatro, buy their chicken and vegetable from Finca Santa Marta.

It has been several years (almost 7) since my last visit and the changes in the finca were amazing. In fact, all the photos I took in 2007 did not include any buildings, so I don’t know if any existed at that time.

I found an old post in 2008 driving to Santa Marta. I don’t know if it was to the Finca or another friend’s place in that area.

I am sure it was interesting for Natalie to see the farm, since she worked as interpreter and assistant for Ron and Kim at the beginning of the Santa Marta project.

At the time when she worked there, there were no buildings, no house, and no covered vegetation areas. Basically it was just raw land. To see the changes from her initial time to now must have been very dramatic to her. Shoot, it was dramatic to me and I had been there since Natalie’s last visit..

When Ron and Kim are in Panama, and not in the US, they offer Finca Santa Marta tours. Tours can be scheduled by contacting Ron. Here is Finca Santa’ Marta’s website.

If you happen to drop into Finca Santa Marta, tell Ron and Kim you read about the finca on Chiriquí Chatter.

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  1. Thanks for the write up Don. We enjoyed your visit. It’s been much too long since you last visited. Next time we will have to talk Kim into making one of her famous raw food lunches using mostly fresh organic produce from the farm. This is a popular option for guests who participate in our guided tours of the farm. We will continue to invest in the future with a new group of commercial metal greenhouses being planned as I write this. We hope to be able to utilize a government program that rebates 50% of the construction costs of metal green houses. And our new chicken processing room, just being completed, will allow us to market our free range chickens to more restaurants and resorts. For those interested we can be contacted through our web site at Saludos, Ron Miller

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