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Parrillada Willhouse

Parrillada Willhouse opened at the end of January, but I didn’t get by until February, and I am not getting toy post done until March. Whew!

It is under new owners and the current owners previous restaurant was Mi Tierra Colombiana.

Same food as Mi Tierra Colombiana had before, just a newer and better location. HERE is a Google map. It is just down the street from the Casino.

I had my standard Fried Shrimp and Lilliam and Natalie shared a combination platter. If you stop in, tell they you heard of their move from Chiriquí Chatter.

Chiriqui Watch Transition Time

UPDATE March 31, 2014: I have removed the Chiriquí Watch Tab from the tabs at the top of the screen. No one to this point has shown interest in administering and promoting the site.

In July of 2011, I set up Chiriqui Watch hoping that it would provide a medium that could be used to record incidents that affected everyone living in Chiriqui. Primarily I thought it would be a way of documenting and tracking crime.

My thought was that the more available online documentation, the better informed the province would be. Crime has definitely increased since I moved here and at the time I set it up there was no centralized location recording it.

My intention was that it would be a community resource and open to all to record what was happing in their area. It appears that either it was not promoted well enough, no one really saw a benefit in it or for what ever reason, it has not really gained the amount of use I had hoped for.

That being the case, I am either going to deactivate it or turn it over to some other interested party or parties. I will give it a couple weeks and if someone has an interest in taking it over, I will turn it over. If no interest is shown, I will deactivate it.

It was a worthwhile experiment, but I think it is time to change. HERE is the Chiriqui Watch website for possibly its last two weeks.

I like to think my lack of common sense enhances my other senses.

Tayrona Restaurante & Parrillada – David

A new Colombian restaurant has opened in David on Via Rapida about a block and a half before Cochez. HERE is a Google Map to the restaurant location.

The restaurant is on a corner and has both inside and outside seating areas. One outside area appears to have a buffet setting, and I assume it is for lunch time service.

It has been open about two weeks. I asked about the name and learned it was taken from an Indigenous tribe in Colombia and that there is also a butterfly with that name.

It is currently open seven days a week and three of us tried it out on Sunday. It was open at noon Sunday, but I didn’t see a sign with the hours. I have posted photos in an album at the end of the post. Continue reading Tayrona Restaurante & Parrillada – David

I believe in looking out for Number One. Especially if the dog hasn’t been house trained.

Festival De Bellas Artes De Tierras Altas – Volcan

Posted by request.

Bekkas Artes
There is a very special event scheduled here in our area and it is coming soon!

The dates are April 4th, 5th and 6th and I have attached the poster but the program is below, at the end of my note to you. Please take a look! Months of careful planning and hard work have been donated, so that this event will be spectacular!

Please, if you can set aside some time, do come out and support the many various artists that will be participating in this most awesome event!

If you are curious about the art of Mukimono, take a look!

The Barismo Workshop will be fun and you’ll love the coffee!

We are so very fortunate to have this opportunity to share and experience something as wonderful, as the events scheduled for this most fantastic weekend!

There will be something for everyone I promise! Do come and enjoy! Bring a friend! Continue reading Festival De Bellas Artes De Tierras Altas – Volcan

My timeline is like a gift basket of assorted nuts and fresh fruits.
Occasionally a little jerky.

Peligro Jazz Festival – Jazz in David, Chiriqui

There has been a growing interest in jazz among Valley of the Moon residents over the last 10 years.  It’s common to see jazz bands playing for diverse private events such as weddings and business gatherings in our area.   Chiriqui province is fortunate to have many exceptional local musicians worthy of recognition and a platform upon which to share their skills and talents.  For this reason, the initiative to organize a jazz festival in the provincial capital of David has emerged.   On behalf of Culturama International and Casa Cultural La Guaricha, I’d like to invite you to take part in the realization of David’s first annual jazz festival.   We are designating the event the Peligro Jazz Festival in honor of the city’s oldest barrio and the renovation process this historic sector is undergoing.

The Peligro Jazz Festival is intended to stimulate greater interest in jazz by showcasing local and national talent. We are hoping to develop the event through encouraging personal social responsibility amongst residents of our area.  The concept is nothing more than asking citizens to support the event.   By asking citizens to support this cause, we can make it happen.  The event will be financed through purchases of T-shirts, small donations, and attendance at the festival activities.  You will have multiple options for participation and we hope to count you among the festival’s patrons. Continue reading Peligro Jazz Festival – Jazz in David, Chiriqui