More Cable Onda Problems

Today’s problems have been periodic interruptions of both the Internet and the Cable Stations. The cable stations will just blank out for a second or two.

I have been trying to make Magic Jack calls to the US this morning and each one has been broken with these interruptions.

I also noticed it last night when I was watching NetFlix. Very annoying.

10 thoughts on “More Cable Onda Problems

  1. Yep, us too down here in Las Tablas. Our Sat system out of Puerto Rico loses transponders and/or pixelates real bad. Our internet comes and goes as well. We have a wireless system from a mountain top 12 miles away. The operator says it’s our problem and not his. What a moron. We’re looking for a new provider.

    One reason for these problems is that the sun has been having massive solar explosions creating havoc with all communication systems worldwide. Also it is very dangerous to those working outdoors as the increase in radiation activity can cause skin problems. So stay covered up folks.

    That’s my 2 cents….have a great week and adopt a dog this week too.

  2. In Alto Boquete
    We’re in Brisas Boquetenas. Same thing. Had the tech out for the internet drops….on…off….on…connect…disconnect. Nothing I did seemed to make a difference. the tech spent some time with the central control on the phone. He took off the in-line filter on the modem cable. That seemed to do the job…what ever the job was,
    TV …same….cubism appreciation week

  3. We’ve had occasional Cable Onda blips…Internet goes down for a couple minutes then back up again.

  4. To all concerned:

    Please excuse the recent difficulties in using your electronic communications systems. We know this is aggravating for you, but what’s worse it’s embarrassing for us. We pride ourselves on every pernicious sneaky strategy, from the archaic wire taps of old, to today’s BS (Before Snowden) mass collection of all modern era communication and data.

    Rest assured we are doing all we can to hack private conversations and read E-mails without such interruptions.

    Please accept our apologies, it won’t ever happen again we promise..

    General I. B. Snoopin
    OFA Volunteer,
    NSA Director

  5. Am I old or not understanding what a reply was from General I.B.Snoopin, NSA Director that read …”Rest assured we are doing all we can to hack private conversations and read E-mails without such interruptions.”

    WHAT IS HE IS DOING ALL HE CAN TO HACK PRIVATE CONVERSATIONS, AND NOT ALLEVIATE THE HACKER? Am I toooo old to read? Who is hacking who? or am I tooo old to read? To understand?

  6. My leg in Panama is getting torn off… well as with the US dealing with everything, from insurance changes and what is the worst of the worst is the cost of groceries that I can’t afford here……..and living on a fixed income that is lost. I have been dealing with 3 Drs here and the hospital since Oct., no reimbursement received from our insurance sent January (this postal service has to be addressed) did again, cancellation of checks and not gotten again…DUH…I won’t go any further with this and I don’t know if our computer will be working….WHY NO REIMBURSEMENTS FOR CABLE ONDA lack of service? sorry…I am just mad today. This is NOT APRIL FOOLS, IT IS YOUR DECISION AND THOSE OF US THAT LIVE HERE. What amazes me if you don’t pay your bill, ( we always pay), but our friends were cut off, but, if you don’t get the service — I GUESS THAT IS OK.. PAY FOR -0-

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