Chiriqui Watch Removed from Blog Tabs

This morning I removed the Chiriquí Watch Tab from the tabs at the top of the blog. No one has stepped forward to take over the administration and promotion of the site.

Thank you to those that supported the site.

4 thoughts on “Chiriqui Watch Removed from Blog Tabs

  1. Dear Don,
    I have noticed a laid back attitude when it comes to crime here. I would be interested in participating plus I think I could get some local police and ex police expats who are members of the IPA and would perhaps be interested in helping to promote and carry on this site.
    Please allow me a day or two to make some contacts and see what they say.
    A lot of people have the attitude that it won’t happen to them and they are perhaps the ones who leave themselves most open to an incident.
    I have also seen that crime prevention can be political here and you must watch whose toes you step on although it has changed some.
    Believe me I have been the target for a security consultant twice, with thinly veiled threats until he found out I was dual nationality and what my brother does for the govt.
    Still all this aside this is necessary for both expats and locals and many times I hear of crimes not reported for fear of repercussions.
    I will now step off my soapbox and let you continue your day.

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