IMG_1069Lilliam had to go to Panama City this morning and she went on PANACHIF. She likes this terminal better than the main terminal (less people) and likes the fact that the buses are not double decker, I would rather she fly, but a wise man never argues with a woman that has her mind made up.

I am happy to see that they are running an entirely new fleet of buses.

I imagine that many people don’t even know that there are two bus terminals in David.

For reservations in David – 777-4217

Here is Google Map to the terminal in David.

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  1. You are correct, however, the one that ran this morning was a single decker. Lilliam has always used this terminal to avoid the double deckers.

  2. Looks like they just took delivery of new buses in January. Nice compared to what we usually ride.

  3. Don,

    Did Panafrom change its name or is Panachif a new company with new management operating from the same location as Panafrom? My experience with Panafrom wasn’t always good. The schedule was totally unreliable, sometimes the bus never stopped. Once, when traveling to PC, the bus driver decided not to stop in David on his way from the Fronterra because there was only 2 passengers to be picked up. There were other instances when Panafrom decided not to make the scheduled run to PC because they didn’t have enough passengers. The decision on the part of the company was not know until about 30 minutes after the scheduled departure time when the bus didn’t show. New bus or not, unless it is a new company with new management, I’ll continue to use the buses at the old terminal.

    Live from …..

  4. Goood morning. The Panachif service sounds like something I would be interested in but I am one of those folks who does not have a signal great enough to bring up any map from google. Would you be kind enough to write out where Panachif is located. Living in the country is great but communications are difficult at best
    thanks for the information

  5. Hi Maria. Take the street that tuns in front of Super Baru, at the InterAmerican Highway, going toward town. Continue past Romero’s and turn right at the last street before the three-way traffic Light.Aztec will be on your right. The bus terminal will be on the right in that first block..

  6. we are wanting to get from David to the Costa Rica border , cross the border and rent a car in Costa Rica over the holidays Dec 2014….does Panachif go to the border? Approx what is the cost? And can one just cross the border on foot with the appropriate passport, exit ticket? thanks for any suggestions…we are travelling with a special needs daughter..she is mobile, but our main concern is comfort on the bus and how complicated to get over the border….Thanks…Deborah

  7. I have only used it to go from David to Panama City. You would need to g by the office to ask about he times to go to the Frontera. It is about $10 – $12 for Panama City. Don’t know the costs to the Frontera from David. The Border is a nightmare at holidays, especially Christmas. The last Christmas I crossed it took about 4 hours at the Border. Also not sure how easy it is to rent a car across the Border.

  8. Thankyou….yes…that is the scary part…spending that much time to get over the border….we are Canadians and are spending the winter in Panama in the Santa Clara area, however our son and family are going to be in Jaco area over Xmas and we were considering connecting with them for a few days….but we will have to re think this as I am not sure about wanting to deal with the border situation…I have found a car rental agency on the Costa rica side of the border ,so we would drive to David, leave our vehicle there, bus to the border and rent a car on the other side….doesn’t sound that complicated by Canadian and US standards, but Central American borders sound like quite a different story! thanks again for you comments….Deborah

  9. Don’t forget there are two customs areas you have t go through. The Panama side and the Costa Rican side. Either or both can be a hassle. Tracopa is another bus that goes from David to San Jose, but that doesn’t solve the Border time problem. Air Panama flies to San Jose.

  10. We are planning to drive to Costa Rica with our Panamanian licensed car. Is that going to be a problem? Why are you planning to leave your car in David, cross the border and rent a car?

  11. As long as you own the car, have a waver from your insurance company, have the Panama and the Costa Rican paperwork, it should add more than another hour or two.

  12. Thanks. Can you specify paperwork? I own the car, fully insured etc. What kind of paperwork do I need? Need I prepare it or is it done at the border?

  13. the reason that we would be leaving a vehicle in David is that the vehicle is owned by our landlord in is a private vehicle but not ours and we thought this would create even more problems at the border….it is our understanding that rental vehicles are not allowed over the border, and private vehicles only if one is a Panamanian resident..we are neither the vehicle owner or a Panamanian resident

  14. You are correct. You must be the owner and I am not sure if it is being financed that it can leave the country. On the other Panama paperwork, it would be better to ask your Insurance company what the current regulations are. It is almost 8-9 years since I drove to Costa Rica and the rules change.

  15. I used this Panachif last week and I find out how terrible they are. Iwill use it again as at last resource. The service was terrible and the bus and driver awful!!!!

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