Tayrona Restaurante & Parrillada – David

A new Colombian restaurant has opened in David on Via Rapida about a block and a half before Cochez. HERE is a Google Map to the restaurant location.

The restaurant is on a corner and has both inside and outside seating areas. One outside area appears to have a buffet setting, and I assume it is for lunch time service.

It has been open about two weeks. I asked about the name and learned it was taken from an Indigenous tribe in Colombia and that there is also a butterfly with that name.

It is currently open seven days a week and three of us tried it out on Sunday. It was open at noon Sunday, but I didn’t see a sign with the hours. I have posted photos in an album at the end of the post.

The inside area is smaller than you would imagine from the front of the restaurant, but it is friendly and comfortable. A portion of the current menu is also in the photo album at the end.

I had the pork ribs. They had a good flavor and even though they were a little dry for my taste, I would still order them again.

Another had a Hawaiian fish. You can tell by pineapple on the plate. It got a thumbs up.

The third in the party had fried fish and everyone commented that the dishes were seasoned well. All enjoyed the salads.

I had a sangria, the photo was taken after I had had a couple sips, so the photo doesn’t show a full glass. It was fruity and refreshing.

Another person had iced tea. The small pitcher to the left in the photo was extra tea. The tea got high marks.

In the effort of helping the readers, grin, we each ordered one of the desserts. I had the cheesecake. It was good. Another had Tres Leches and gave it a thumbs up. Vanilla ice-cream was the third order and it was described as different from standard vanilla and got a thumbs up.

I thought all prices were reasonable for the quantity and quality of the food. The service was very good. There are more items I want to try on the menu and when Lilliam gets home, I am sure it will be on her must go to list. As is my normal practice, I didn’t ask for jubilado discount. I usually wait a while and let them get established. New restaurants always have a hard time getting started.

If you drop in, tell them you learned of them from Chiriqui Chatter.

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  1. We went there on March 8th and they were not yet open however they invited us in and gave everyone in our party a tour, 2 free beers and an apology! Talk about service! Pictures look delish.

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