Unlocator out of Beta

Unlocator has ended its beta environment and the free trial is over. I received an email the other day that I had it another 7 days and now was the time to pay the piper. I just did that. I went for the one year $49.95 option.

As I have written before, I have been using Unlocator since it began beta. I have been very happy with the service. It has been much faster than using my VPN because it does not encrypt the transmission both ways. It does not replace the need for a VPN, but if you use it to watch a service in the US such as Netflix, I have found it much better.

Another benefit over VPN is that it behaves much better with Gmail. I continually had problems with Gmail and the VPN because it saw me entering from different places and would make me sign in manually to verify it was me. Unilocator uses the local IP address.

While it is not free, it is reasonably priced. HERE is the link if you want to keep the service. Note also that they changed the DNS addresses, so if you are still using the old DNS, now is the time to change.

7 thoughts on “Unlocator out of Beta

  1. You are watching the Latin American Netflix. Different selections are available in the US. If you are happy with the Panama version, you have no need.

    If however, you want to watch HULU or listen to Pandora, then you will need a VPN or Unlocator.

  2. Hi Don: although this is not related to this post, I just want to make you aware of another speed testing site that I have discovered.


    It has a lot of other options that may be of interest.

  3. I am thinking of dropping Witopia for Unlocator. From your article I understand it works like VPN but faster. Is their online support as good as Witopia? I used the chat option with Witopia a lot to set up my different devices. We have two tablets and two laptops, can we set up Unlocator on all of them like Witopia let me do? I kept forgetting how to do things and Witopia’s staff were so patient with me. We use it to look like we’re in the US or Canada and to watch Hulu. Is the improvement in speed worth giving up Witopia support? What do you think? I value your opinion, you haven’t steered me wrong yet. 🙂

  4. No. It does not work like a VPN. A VPN changes your IP and gives you total anonymity. Unilocator does not. However, if your reason is to be able to receive US Netflix or Hulu, it is faster than a VPN. It is not a secure connection as a VPN and will not protect you in your local coffee shop.

    You can use it on all devices. It only requires you to change your DNS settings. Your IP address will remain that of your local ISP.

    WiTopia’s online support is better.

  5. I too like Unlocator for watching streaming videos in Panama including Amazon Prime that I was having trouble with before using a VPN. Also the fact that it works with Gmail better is a big plus since I monitor 5 different Gmail accounts. At less than a $1.00 per week it’s a keeper.

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