I nave no plans to go this year. I usually don’t miss it, but too much going on at the moment. HERE is this year’s fair schedule. Let me know if you see anything exciting.

HERE is last year’s post.

8 thoughts on “FERIA INTERNACIONAL DE DAVID 2014 is On

  1. I usually go downtown to see the horse parade. Does anyone have any idea the date and time of this year’s parade?

  2. I try to come up every year for the fair. I will be up there on the 21st, Cant wait. love that fair.

  3. La parade au centre ville

    What. Time begin
    Where down Town
    Excuse speak english little

  4. Don:
    Donna & I went to the fair yesterday, Wednesday, from 3:30 to 5 PM. It was good timing. most of the venders were open there not many people yet and the bands were just setting up.

    along with the usual stuff there were a lot of high quality leather good from Colombia.

    There have been many improvements to the fair grounds. the place looks good. Worth the $1 to get in.

  5. Que lastima! I was looking forward to the pictures of the cute young ladies on the exhibits, especially this year, one of my nieces is working at the Medcom exhibit.

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