Farewell Larry Matthews

I just found out, from FaceBook, that Larry Matthews passed away in February. He had returned to the US because his COPD was getting worse. His last post on COPD in Panama is worth reading especially if you are COPD afflicted.

I always enjoyed Larry’s sense of humor and will miss his wit and biting comments. RIP Larry!


5 thoughts on “Farewell Larry Matthews

  1. Go in peace, Larry. Thanks for your wit and for sharing the repartee. One can only admire a true gentleman with a broad and encompassing world view and such a sensitive comprehension of life’s vicissitudes …
    Go in peace, and thank you.


  2. I enjoyed his blog posts, I will miss reading them. He had a refreshingly direct opinion of his time in Panama and no hidden commercial agenda.
    RIP, Larry.

  3. Ed and I had the pleasure of visiting Larry at his apartment in David’s Occidental Hotel. He had a “window on the world”; the balcony outside his apartment overlooked Parque Cervantes which even served as a backdrop for his novel, Angels in Panama. He was a gentleman who enjoyed the respect and friendship of many locals and fellow gringos in his newly adopted home. We enjoyed his wit and his sensitivity, too. Thank you for your words and ideas, and for your generous spirit, Larry.

  4. Just for the record…

    From the Amazon page of Larry I. Matthews:

    Lieutenant Colonel Larry I. Matthews, U.S. Air Force (Retired), was born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas. He earned a BBA in Personnel Administration (University of Kansas City, 1963), and an MS in Guidance and Counseling (Troy State University, 1975). He was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force, in August of 1963.

    During his twenty years of military service, he was awarded 13 decorations, including the Bronze Star (Republic of Viet Nam, 1965-1967). Matthews was retired from active duty in June 1983 in a Pentagon ceremony.

    Matthews traveled extensively in the Pacific during his four years as a staff officer in the Air Force Pacific Headquarters in Honolulu. He also traveled throughout Europe while assigned to the USAF Inspector General’s office. His travels fostered an appreciation of the political differences among nations, and sharpened his powers of observation relative to cultural uniqueness of their people.

    Since February 2007, he has resided in Central America, the last three years in the Republic of Panama. His recent experiences combined with his USAF travel experiences allows Larry to provide readers with fascinating insights into unique features of the culture, the government and the people of Panama.

    For several years Larry has maintained a blog highlighting his travel experiences in Central America, which has a large and enthusiastic following (http://larrytravels.typepad.com). He is also currently working on a sequel, the next Terry Mathis adventure: “Angels and Heroes”.

    From the Amazon description of “Angels in Panama”:

    Angels in Panama chronicles the adventures of an American ex-pat, a retired U.S. Air Force officer, in modern-day Panama. Terry Mathis develops an interest in the under-privileged children of Panama (the Angels). His efforts to provide aid and assistance to these children, inadvertently puts him in harm’s way on numerous fronts. He finds himself having to contend with international security agencies, police departments, undercover intelligence personnel, drug dealers and multi-national terrorists. Despite these often harrowing occurrences, the ‘love story’ element of Angels in Panama manages to shine through.

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