What’s Up With Cable Onda

The last few days, my Internet speed has been very unpredictable. Read that as often lousy.

I just tried to stream some music and there wasn’t enough speed to even do that and songs don’t take up much time to download.

I had an Apple update today and started it. It said 3.4 MB/sec. I thought WOW. That is great. 5 seconds later it changed to 69 KB /sec.

I don’t know if the problem is all over or just in my neighborhood, but I don’t like it. If it slows down too much, I may have to do some work.

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  1. Internet here in Boquete has been slow too. Cable Onda makes me upset with the TV commercials getting very loud suddenly. My wife is hard of hearing so our surround sound is turned up loud already. All at once the commercials come on and our curtains move, windows rattle and we can’t wait to hit the mute button. I told Cable Onda and they deny turning up the sound for commercials.

  2. there seems to be an issue with their service, mine is not working correctly, issue started this morning, it is super slow now

    I’m waiting see if it solves by itself.

    But, I believe I will end up calling

  3. They are the best of the worse. You don’t even want to know how bad the others are. Commercials have been done this way forever and if it wasn’t for regulations in the states we would still be doing it the same way.

  4. I haven’t notice any slow down and am online on-and-off much of the day from 8am’ish to 10pm’ish. Speed test always shows great download speed.

  5. My speed has gone up for the moment. As I said in the post, I have noticed erratic performance over the last couple weeks. Sometimes as it should be and other times very slow.

  6. Solution for the high volume on the TV. Buy a product called TVears,
    I wear a hearing aid but my wife can hear a pin drop in David. Now she can watch TV at her volume comfort level and I can watch at the same time at my comfort level. http://www.tvears.ca/FAQS.html#Will_TV
    Regarding speed, here in B. Santa Lucia, Boquete, I haven’t been aware of any reduction of speed. I subscribe to 9 megs and a speed test just confirmed that speedl

  7. Dirty secret of loud commercials, they broadcast program sound below the legal threshold and go to the legal threshhold for commercials. I bagged CableOnda TV and now get my programming through the internet, free and no obnoxious loud commercials. I think they deserve what they get with lost customers.

  8. Last night there was a power outage here – lines were down a ways down the street from us, a bit north of you so I don’t think it affected your area. Repair crews were out though and got service restored fairly quickly. This morning I see a lot of Cable Onda guys out there stringing new lines. I don’t know if this is related or not, or if it’s part of a larger project of theirs to put in new lines. But, we have had erratic service too, especially the last few days.

  9. I am dealing with power off and off and off, then on and off …..i can’t use my remote for a 24M BTU to adjust anything… I talked to my maintenance man and he said it was because of lack of electricity into the house…THEN, Internet iS nuts…don’t have to go there any more. When we bought our l00# gas tank from Panagas, our hot water was disconnected…I am tired of paying sooo much $$ which we don’t have to fix what they are doing with all AND WHAT WE PAID FOR. . All they are doing is taking care of more and more and not taking care of us that paid to live here…DUH.

  10. Could have been Unlocator. This morning, my wireless speed was about half of a dialup 14.4 connection. I’m using the Unlocator DNS settings. I checked my son’s wireless speed in another room (without the Unlocator DNS settings) and his was blazing away. So…I changed the adapter settings back to “Obtain DNS server address automatically”…disconnected wireless Internet connection…reconnected…and had normal speed.

  11. Did you look at the
    Unlocator site to see if it recorded any server problems for that date? Also, are you using the new DNS addresses? They changed about a month ago and checking would have told you that you needed to change.

    I should note that other neighbors that use Cable Onda and don’t use Unilocator were also having problems.

  12. No…I didn’t check for server problems. Yes…I was using the current DNS addresses. I like the service and plan to use it. Although not a VPN, it gives me what I want (access to USA services) and it’s less expensive than the VPN I previously used.

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