Gelateria Italiana – Boquete

Last month (I know I am behind), I stopped into Gelateria Italiana following the US Embassy warden lunch at Hotel Panamonte.

You will find Gelateria Italiana a block west from the Bistro Restaurant. This is the place that is now providing ice cream for Delicia Italiana in David.  If you like ice-cream and are in Boquete, you have to try this place. It isn’t cheap, but it is high quality.

I stuck with a cup of vanilla. There are a few more flavors in Boquete than in David, but the ones in David rotate, so I guess they all get there.

Also, I had a reader contact me and tell me that Gelato Pacifico has its equipment working again in Chiriquí Mall. That means there are two good ice-cream places in David. Haven’t been there after getting the email, but will soon.

3 thoughts on “Gelateria Italiana – Boquete

  1. Ditto that Don Ray. We discovered Gelatria Italiana at the end of last year whilst taking our son to school . Great ice cream!

    With that in mind we had gone to Delicia Italiana for date night (dinner & a movie) with the lure of great ice cream for dessert but alas, as you mentioned, the selection was limited compared to the Gelateria in Boquete (the pizza was “ok” relative to other places we’ve tried)…

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