Security Is Up To You

I just finished listening to the Edward Snowden conference in SXSW in Austin, Texas.

Whether you think Edward is a hero or a traitor, the information provided in this YouTube video is important and may open eyes to the the security risks that exist today. Because of Edward’s release of information, there is a much higher interest in communication security now than there was before.

I have spent time in several posts talking about security, when connecting to the Internet. Primarily this has been related to WiFi connectivity. Both connectivity to your router in your house and the connectivity when away from home should use the highest of encryption between your PC and the router.

One small item that was mentioned was that connectivity at local WiFi locations like McDonald’s had improved their security. Well maybe that is true in the US, but in Panama, the typical McDonald’s, or other local provider still allows an unsecured connection. Don’t use them or at minimum understand the risk. Furthermore, it would be good if you asked to talk to the manager of the locations and asked whey they were not requiring a WAP secure sign on to connect to the internet.

Most likely they will have no idea what you are talking about, but the more annoying questions they receive, the more likely it may force them to change.

Why should you care. Do yourself a favor and read up on identity theft. If you are interesting in a couple of my previous posts. Post 1. Post 2. There are others. but these may get you started on worrying about your own communications security

Edward Snowden may or may not have realized how he would turn the world upside down. He may not even have realized how much he would turn his own world upside down. None the less, he did open the eyes of many people that had fallen asleep.

2 thoughts on “Security Is Up To You

  1. Mr Snowden will go down in history as a great hero and Patriot. He should be afforded everything that a person of his type is entitled to.

    What was once a beautiful, freedom loving Country that was turned into a socialist/islamic nightmare owes him a debt of gratitude for divulging the illegal actions of the government. If his heroic action results in the downfall of obummer and his cronies and they wind up at the end of a rope for TREASON, that will be his legacy.

    There will be a Revolution. You can bet that the PATRIOTS will not let their Country be taken by these criminals, in today’s government.

    We will never forget!!!!

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