A Surprise

The ExecutionI went by the postoffice yesterday and had a note stating that a package was being held for me. The package was a signed copy of The Execution. This was the second copy that Sharon Cramer, author of The Execution, had sent me.

The first was not sent registered mail and walked off. I contacted Sharon, after I thought sufficient time had passed for me to receive the first book.

I regret that she had to pay $22 to send this one registered, but I am grateful that this one survived the Panama mail system. It was postmarked January 21 in the US and I was unable to find the date it was received in David.

The Execution has been a memorable experience for me. In my original post, i wrote how I came to find the Execution and how the writing affected me.

However, to me the book brought me more enjoyment than just a good read, because I gained a friend by getting to know the author. Only a friend would send not one but two books to ensure that it was received. The Internet has allowed me to meet several wonderful people that I would not otherwise have met.

The Execution, which I would say is intended for an adult audience, is on the opposite end of the spectrum to Sharon’s other books which are aimed at the younger generation, such as my grandkids. Her books can be found on her webpage.

Sharon has been fortunate and The Execution is being released as a movie. I think every author’s dream is to have his or her work turned into a movie. I congratulate her. Her books are available in hardcopy in all the major distribution formats. The Execution FaceBook page is located HERE.

Thank you Sharon for this memorable experience. I look forward to the movie.

9 thoughts on “A Surprise

  1. And you wonder why we don’t waste our money on a PO Box here in Las Tablas. One reason we don’t want our SS nbr getting around when they open/steal our mail here. We had a box for 2 years and got almost nothing in it after we knew we had pending mail. They are as dumb as the immigration toads and also could care less. They even lost a registered piece and never got back to me where it was at that time. Their answer was, “they don’t know”!!!!

    Unlike most of you folks, we live in a very rural area and really have no address, even if there was a mail service.

  2. Mail in Panama is never delivered to a residence, rural or not. Your mailing address and physical address is two different things. Both are required on the Proof of Life information for Social Security. I certainly would never have checks sent to a Panama post Office. Money would be even worse. Unfortunately, for the POL requirement, you are going to have to register a Panama mailing address even if it is general delivery.

  3. Don, glad you finally got your book. I am still waiting for my Thanksgiving Day card from my mom. lol I also got rid of my po box, as it was too far away after I moved, but now cant get one anywhere. So now anything or should I say nothing comes general delivery to the post office. lol Glad you got yours though. lol P.S. will check out that book,

  4. You are right Don, you will not get mail at your house. We dont have mailmen here. Although a guy does ride around on his bicycle to give me my electric bill. Although Fed-X says they will deliver to your house, they dont either. You better go pick it up or else you are not going to get it.

  5. For credit cards and such, I go back to the states and get it myself. lol. I dont trust the mail that I will get it.

  6. What’s going on with the post office? I used to get everything I was expecting. Now I never do. Two books never arrived. Greeting cards never arrive, and a small package never arrived. These were not valuable things worth stealing, so what happens to them?

  7. Not happy to hear Panama mail is almost as bad as Venezuelian! At least there you know someday it may arrive, even if a year later. I have to pay over $100 to send my dad his tax forms via Fedex and it costs him $68 to send me stuff via Fedex, go figure.
    Is it better to have SS deposited in US??

  8. Judy, all I can say is when I had a PO box I did use to get everything. Now, forget it. I dont know what happens to them, if they are not stolen, I have no idea. We have to remember, anything here is worth something. Value is the dollar in someone’s pocket. So that book is very valuable to someone, maybe?

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