Lost Pet – Siberian Husky

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Mi Nombre es NikoSoy Husky Siberiano y tengo 4 meses de edad.
Me llevaron de la casa el Jueves, 27 de Febrero Por favor ayúdenme a reunir con mi familia Hay recompensa de $100 por su devolucion. llame #6812-7187

My Name is Niko.

I am a 4 month old Siberian Husky
I was taken from my home on thursday February 27th.

Please help me reunite with my family.
There is a $100 reward for my return. Call #6812-7187

16 thoughts on “Lost Pet – Siberian Husky

  1. I was at the vet today in Boquete and there was a very sick little husky in a crate, It did look to be about that old and the vet had had her for at least a few days, could this be the dog? Its at Dra. Chely Castillo’s office…

  2. Holly thank you so much for taking the time to respond. Do you know of a way I can contact Dra. Chely? Niko was very healthy when we lost him 4 days ago in David, but who knows what could have happened. He is now slightly larger than the picture but this was the latest one we have.

  3. I hope you find him, our babies are part of our family too and I know how you must feel. He is beatiful Good luck.

  4. Turns out it wasn’t my husky at the vet but thanks for the interest. Yes we are quite distraught about it Marianne

  5. Very sorry to hear about this. Was Niko taken from your home, or did he utilize his escape artist skills as a husky? I wish you luck in finding him! Pleasekeep us updated.

  6. Yeah they are ingenious at escaping. He was taken though because he was attached with a locking carabiner and it had been unlocked and removed. Also his dog dish was taken. We live just outside of David on the new road to Boquete so he probably won’t be loose in Boquete or Volcan, but maybe brought there to be sold or for future breeding.

  7. Traduction en anglais
    Not ok
    Je parle un peu anglais dans lequel cartier pensez vous que le chien husky pourrait-il être

  8. Je veut pas de récompense j’adore les animaux et ressent la peine et l’inquiétude du départ de votre chien

  9. Merci beaucoup de votre intérêt Julie. Il a été pris de “Las Colinas de santa cruz” il s’agit d’un développement à la périphérie de david en direction de Boquete. Si vous pouvez aider, il lui trouver vous defenitely être digne d’une récompense. C’est agréable de vous rencontrer et que Dieu bénisse. Jonas

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