A Saved Day

We have guests in from Panama City for Carnival and yesterday, after church, we decided to try a restaurant I don’t frequent often, that being TGIF. Currently, the cheapest burger is about $11.25 at TGIF and most other meals are higher. For our party of seven, we would probably have had a bill over $100 and a tip over $10. 10% is the expected tip in Panama.

When we entered, there were two large dirty tables and no staff in sight. There was another table of 6 waiting with menus ready to order. There was no one minding the door and seating people. We pulled three tables together and found a couple menus.

After about 10 minutes the other table of 6 left, because no one came to take their order. We looked for someone to wait on us and were basically told that they would be by soon. After another 5 minutes, we decided that something as special as TGIF was not to be had today. If the TGIF franchise becomes aware of how this management and staff are preforming, several people will probably be looking for jobs. It will be a long time before I decide to try it again.

I suggested we go to the new Verona Pizza place. It turned out to be the perfect place. For me, it has my favorite pizza in David. However, I love thin italian crust pizza, which is what Verona serves.

We ordered pizzas, sandwiches and salads and everyone was extremely pleased. For dessert, we had one of the Nutella pizzas, which was outstanding. That was a first for me, but won’t be my last.

We enjoyed great food and outstanding service for less than $50 including tip. It turned out to be a special day after all. If you are not aware of Verona’s Pizza, you can see my original post HERE. Also, Verona’s Pizza has a new Facebook page here.

If you stop in, tell Chef Franco that Chiriquí Chatter sent you.

13 thoughts on “A Saved Day

  1. I was in TGI a couple of weeks ago & after waiting more than an hour for a burger it arrived colder than my beer. I complained so they took it away & microwaved it so I had hot bread & lettuce but a still cold burger!
    I called the manager & complained & will not be returning to eat there in a hurry.

  2. TGIF can be a fun place to go with great food and service. Last time I was at TGIF was in Naples Italy on the Naval base. It was great. There is absolutely no excuse for the experience you all had and I hope someone figures this out soon.

  3. Many people don’t care for McDonald’s, but they send a staff out two or more times a year to check out the operation and the presentation of the products. I would recommend that TGIF do the same.

  4. I am sorry to here about your experience at Fridays. I have always had a good experience their. It sounds like some attention needs to be addressed. I always thought that hands down they had the best Hamburger in Panama. They have always been a little higher priced, but I don’t mind paying for quality. I have forwarded a copy of your blog to Fridays director of operations to see if some of your problems you had can be addressed.

  5. In David there are at least two restaurants with hamburgers as good as TGIF. Hamburgers used to be the reason I would go, but now I would go to the others and pay less got the same quality. The new SmokiN Mamma’s is one of them.

  6. The former Holiday Inn Hotel location in David has a pretty good burger and you can order it In the bar. i think it was about $7 with a beer, and patacones no french fries. Suits me and I feel like Im temporarily high class, yet not an treated like Im someplace fancy.

  7. Sorry to tell you, but the same in TGIF in Panama City at the Causeway. The service is just barely acceptible, even for Panama standards, and they are extremely overpriced now. We use to go there for their blackened chicken alfredo, but you know what, I started making it at home and it is even better than theirs. And so are my burgers, no more TGIF, they have lost our business. I love a good burger too, one of the things I miss about the states. But if you ever come into the city, go to the Balboa Yaght Club, one of the best burgers in the country, I highly recommend it.

  8. We went to TGIF for a quick lunch one day and our quick lunch took over an hour and a half. That was a mistake we will take as a leaning experience. There is a Subway right around the corner that is quick, inexpensive and our next stop when we are in the area for lunch.

  9. TGIF Corporate is up for sale due to decrease sales and customer counts. Don’t be surprised if the Franchisee’s bail from the company due to lack of support.

  10. Can’t wait for TGIF to leave that location in Terronal and have someone that gives a hoot about customer service and food quality take over. I gave them no less than a dozen chances in 6 years and all fell flat.

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