Information – Maybe Needed – Maybe not

I have noticed, from reviewing CC blog statistics, that some readers may not understand the link back feature in this and other blogs. For example, I noticed that on today’s post called Happy Valentine’s Day that only 1/5 of the readers actually read the poem.  When I write a post and it relates to another blog post, I will reference the other post. It may not be obvious to those that are not familiar with blogging or are new to the Internet.

An explicit reference might be written like this, Click HERE to read Chiriquí Chatter Blog Tips. The word Click followed by HERE leaves little doubt of what the reader should do. What may not be obvious is that HERE has different colored letters is because the word HERE contains a link back reference to the post on Blog Tips.  Notice that the cursor changes to a hand when it is above HERE.

If I always wrote “Click HERE” for a reference link, then it would be difficult to miss the other information. However, having to write those explicit instructions for each reference alters the way in which a post is read.

Because of that, I often just embed the link within the sentences and the words in a different color can be clicked to go to another area of the blog or another website. I probably do this more than explicitly writing Click HERE.

A good example might be posts I have done on restaurants. Many times I receive emails or comments on secondary restaurant posts asking for the directions to the restaurant. I try to post the directions to a new restaurant in the first post I write. In future posts, I don’t give directions, but somewhere in the post I will refer back to the original post which has the directions. Not only is it easier for me, but if the directions need to change, I have only one location to change and not multiple. Color me lazy.

The bottom line is if you see different colored words in a post, they probably are references to other related information. Often the information in the referenced post may be more important than the post it is being referenced by.

By the way, I recommend reading the comments and also commenting. Comments are your opportunity to share information related to the post. Comments improve any blog. My opinion or experience may be different than yours. Courtesy is always appreciated.

I prefer that the comment pertains to the post. If you want to tell me something not related to the post, don’t use a comment. My email is on the first page of the blog on the right side.

7 thoughts on “Information – Maybe Needed – Maybe not

  1. Hi Don I did read your poem but when I tried to post the site freaked out and copies of the page kept coming up so I had to close down my computer. I really did love the poem. Don’t know what the craziness was. Oh Well. Sometimes weirdness happens.

  2. Don: as a sufferer of AMD it sometimes is not easy to distinguish different colors. You use a light blue color for the links but that color is hard to distinguish between the post colors.

  3. Hi Kathy & Tilden. I have no idea how that happened, When you clicked on the poem, that is just another post on the same site, so that is a mystery.

    Patrick, Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately, WordPress chooses the color Blue and the level of intensity, and I can’t change it. I can try to bold the area and see if that helps. I will try that in this post after completing this comment. Let me know if that helps.

  4. Interesting point. You have a wordpress blog, right? I do too, though it is hosted by them, not on my own domain name. I did a bit of an experiment It seems you can change the color of a link, and also make it bold or italic but you have to make the link first, and change the other aspects after that or the link reverts to the default color. I had to go to the html/text view though to make it bigger.
    When surfing the web anywhere it’s good to be able to recognise and follow a link. It’s a good thing for us to keep in mind though, that what is familiar to us may not be so for everyone.

  5. Fantastic poem that expressed my thoughts almost to the tee!
    No problem down loading.
    I shared with my wife in Spanish and she loved it!
    Thanks for sharing!


  6. Thank you Don for you kind comment. Yes, what’s apparent to most people is not apparent for some. My eyesight continues to deteriorate, after a year and a half I stopped going for my monthly eye injections in Panama City, got too expensive.

  7. Patrick, I can enlarge the print on my Mac by using the track pad. If you are using a PC, you should be able to press Control and + at the same time and the font size should get larger. Control and – will make the font size smaller.

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