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I received a request to post the following. If you want to know the history of The Bookmark, you might like to read this post by it original owner.

The requested post follows:

Hello everyone,
My name is Michael Ellis, the owner of the bookstore “The Bookmark” located in Dolega. Many of you know me or at least the bookstore.

I wanted to inform everyone that The Bookmark is up for sale for $55,000 (BARGAIN). This does not include the property, only the books, furniture and of course having the honor of being the most famous bookstore in Panama.

Unfortunately, I also have a more pressing problem, I need to move the bookstore to a new location as my landlady has basically decided to move back into her house(IE my business) this upcoming month. I do have a year+ or so remaining on the lease, but, honestly it’s not worth the cost/effort/headache of going through a legal battle, which, in the end I would likely lose, being a foreigner in a foreign land (yes, that’s cynical but true).

And so, if you’re not interested in buying the business, please at least spread the word that I’m on the look-out for a rental, unfurnished, with a sq footage of approximately 500 sq meters (20X20). It wouldn’t have to be fancy, as long as I can fit around 45,000 books and shelving.

I can’t stress enough the element of time.

With that said, thanks for your help.


Michael Ellis; Contact Information:   776-1688   6468-9547

The Bookmark, Dolega.

4 thoughts on “The Bookmark

  1. I can vouch that the BookMark has many many books in English. I will be sad to see the business move. Maybe you can find a place in Boquete or David. You need parking and a better sign.

  2. I hope the Bookmark and find a new location and not go under. It would be nice if it was in David. A lot more convenient for those who don’t live in David but travel there to shop.

  3. Oh no, I LOVE the BookMark. When I come up to David I always make that a stop. Have been going there for years. I really think MIchael you should move down to the city. I tell everyone about that store, it is the best. Good luck and please come further toward the city.

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