3 thoughts on “For Sale in Volcan

  1. Yes, I know. It was up when I looked at their site last night. I have written the site owner to get instructions if they want the post to remain. In the meantime, I assume the email can be used if you are interested.

  2. The houses look nice but are priced at the gringo rate. The going rate for land in Volcan is $20-$25 ( a square metor) direct from the seller ($30-$40 from the realestate agent). A two bedroom house if you get a builder to build it is around $35k-$45k depending on your
    materials (this includes labour/materials)/. I know this as I have had 5 houses done here in the last few years and want people to know the mark up on the prices they see here and other places on the internet.Knowledge is power. I am not a builder nor do I get involved in building for other as it is alot of work and supervison/time to do this.

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