SmokiN Momma’s

There is a new burger place that has opened up on the Interamerican Highway. They are on the same side and before you get to Mae Lewis Hospital. This is handy in case you eat too much and need your stomach pumped.

Natalie and I tried two of the burgers. I had the mixed burger (part pork and part beef) and Natalie had the all beef. We both gave then a thumbs up. I also ordered the onion bites. The were seasoned well and I liked them.

Between the onion bites and the burger, I was stuffed, however, not to the point I that I needed my stomach pumped.

You will notice that the burger does not come with the standard El Rey bun. They have their buns specially made.

I saw some Kabobs going to another table and that will be what I try next time.

I took a photo of Samual and  Adolfo (on the right) who is the owner of SmokiN Mamma’s.

They are open Monday through Saturday. They will be open Superbowl Sunday. If you stop into Smokin Mamma’s, tell them you heard about them on Chiriqui Chatter.

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  1. Definitely agree. The onion bites were unique (meaning not just your regular fried onion strings) and great tasting with the dipping sauce. Burgers were excellent (I had the all beef).

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