February US Embassy Outreach

I just received the following message related to US Embassy Outreach in Chiriquí.

NOTE: This is a pre announcement. When the details are finalized, they will be posted.

Dear Wardens,

We would like to inform you that the first of our planned outreaches for 2014 are being finalized.  We will be sending an ACS officer and ACS assistant out to Chiriqui and Bocas del Toro in February.  We plan to be in David on 12 Feb and Boquete on 13 Feb.  A separate team will be in Bocas on 12 Feb.

We are tweaking the details of the days but we anticipate having a Boquete town hall with the DCM on 13 Feb.  We just wanted to start getting the word out to your areas.  As we finalize budget and plans we will start sending more concrete instructions, times, and details.


Chris Reyes

Vice-Consul, ACS Chief

U.S. Embassy, Panama

This email is UNCLASSIFIED.

14 thoughts on “February US Embassy Outreach

  1. We are scheduled to go to Panama to have pictures taken and obtain our residency in accordance with our attorney, would it be possible that this could be accomplished by the Embassy staff while in David?

  2. Since they are calling it an outreach, I expect them to do the same as last time. Prior to the meeting they should provide more details.

  3. This was very informative, we got somewhat the who, but where in David, and Boquete? What time? What is the purpose of this so called out reach?

    The acronyms are meaningless to many of us. If you plan on writing, think about who your audience is.

    By the way, when we post our comments, they normally are visible to to public. If not, these are just messages to you.


  4. Hi Don, FYI, In Boquete on February 13th the Jazz Festival begins with a New Orleans style street Parade beginning at 12noon, then at 1:30 the Garden Party begins. Just to let you know a lot of people may be busy attending this event.

  5. Maybe you should have your Boquete Warden mention that to the Embassy. That is if it is of interest to those in Boquete. If there is not enough interest in Boquete, I am sure the Embassy will be happy to cancel that stop.

  6. Information: They are coming here and FOR WHAT? Why should I go there? Where? David? I just can’t wait for the information to solve some of our problems. Thanks, Don.

  7. This is an outreach like other outreach meeting. If you have been befor, you already have a good idea. If you chose not to in the past, it may not be important to you. As this post said, this is an early warning. When the plans are finalized and I receive the agenda, it will be posted.

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