3 thoughts on “Koki

  1. Why is there nothing about how foreigners are being turned away at Pasa Canos because these tourust will not or cannot show proof of $500.00 in cash.

    Most seasoned travelers know not to carry a lot of cash for safty reasons. We use to only be required to show a credit card.

    Plus there is one standard at the airports and a second one for the border.

    The government put out an edict that they wanted to increase their tourist trade. It appears the minister of immigration did not receive the memo, this why they are forcing these tourists back into Costa Rica. Panama’s missed opportunities, plus bad publicity which comes with it.

    Even after bring this to the President’s office, it seems to have fallen on death ears.

  2. Nothing beats a few “Junk Yard Dogs” !!! Just give them some love, some good food and a nice place to sleep and they will be the best security money can buy.

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