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UPDATE – March 2015 I stopped to get an ice cream and found it closed. Bummer!
You may remember that I had a post on Delicia Italiana some time back and commented I was disappointed because I saw the Ice Cream freezer, with the label Estrella Azul on it, and assumed they just carried the local ice cream. I had gone in specifically because I wanted to try the gelato.

Luckily, the owner got directed to the post and gave the straight “Scoop” about what they were serving and invited me back.

After a morning of looking at cars, all over David, Natalie and I decided to give Delicia Itiliana a try yesterday. I am happy to report that it was fantastic.

Apparently those living in Boquete have been enjoying this ice-cream because it is being brought to David from there.

My favorite place for ice cream in David had been Gelato Pacifico at Chiriqui Mall, however, it has not been open the last couple of times I have gone there. I just wrote David Stewart an email to find out the status.

However, if there is one thing we can always use, it is another option for great ice cream and Delicia Italiana is a great option. I think Luis, at Cuatro across the street, should add this ice cream to his menu.

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I was told that there are usually about eight flavors to choose from. I took a photo to give you an idea. Before you ask, FRAGOLA is strawberry.

Pistachio - Click to enlarge
Pistachio – Click to enlarge
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I had a pistachio and Natalie has some sort of chocolate with nuts. The scoops were very large and well worth the $2.00. Both were outstanding. Creamy, smooth, luscious, what more could you want in an ice cream?

I spent a fair amount of time talking to Yantzel who served us. She spoke very good English and promised to send me information on the school she had attended in David, which I had not heard of. As we were talking about Panamanians learning English, I had mentioned I thought it was a matter of the student having the desire to learn it.

She cracked me up when she said she hated English, but hated bad grades more. She said that getting a mark below a 4.0 drove her crazy and since the school she went to required English and not learning it would lower her grade point, she worked hard to learn it.

IMG_0907I salute her. I hope that Antonio, the owner of Delicia Italiana, realizes how lucky he is to have Yantzel being the image of service at Delicia Italiana. I liked her attitude toward life. I liked her service and I liked her friendly smile. If you stop into Delicia Italiana (which I highly recommend if you want to try some exceptional ice cream), tell Yantzel you saw her on Chiriqui Chatter.

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  1. I heard back from David Stewart replied to my email that he is currently closed for equipment repair. I am glad to know that he is still open.

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