Happy Pet To The Rescue

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A good friend asked If I would help take her and her cat to Happy Pet. This was my first trip to the new location of Happy Pet. New location, but same great professional care.

My friend’s cat had gotten into a fight with another cat and had a terrible wound on her tail. I was impressed to see the tenderness that Dra Patricia gave while attending to this situation.

The quality of care has been better for animals in this clinic than any any clinic I have ever gone to in the US and I have seen nothing to come close to comparing to Happy Pet in Panama.


Click HERE for the Google Map to Happy Pet’s new location. The office number is 775-0501.

5 thoughts on “Happy Pet To The Rescue

  1. Dr. Tello does a great job in Costa Rica and at the animal spay clinics. He fixed my dog’s hip after other vets said there was nothing left to work with (before I met Patricia at Happy Pets).
    I’ve been to Happy Pets several times and was always happy with the service and level of care. One pup was savaged by the neighbor’s Rottie and had puncture wounds in her intestines. Happy Pets fixed her right up!

  2. I don´t know other clinics here in David, but won´t change Happy Pet. I would not leave Bob Duran (Roberto Duran) my dog with anybody else. Last week Happy Pet saved a dog that was injured with a machete by a crazy man (very common situation here in David) who severed the dog´s ears and testicles. A compassionate person took the dog to Happy Pet and they saved the dog. I wonder if the person notified the authorities as the law says there is a $1,000 fine for injuring or mistreating a dog.
    One of my neighbors traveled and left her son taking care of their dog and he was mistreating the dog, so I called the corregidora and she went personally and gave the Young man a citation and ordered him to unchain and feed the dog or he would have to pay a $1,000 fine. The dog had been chained with a 10 inch chain for over two weeks with no food/water except for what we managed to throw over the fence, no shelter to cover her from sun and rain. The dog has been unchained since. My neighbor doesn´t like us, but we don´t mind.

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