A Couple New Blogs

Typically, I think you get more straight information, on what you will run into when you retire to Panama, from blogs than you will from International Living and other for profit publications.

I am adding two more blogs to my link list today.

The more different blogs you read the more different experiences you will find. New blogs are good because everything the writer encounters is fresh and interesting to them.

Sometimes those of us that have lived with a certain situation for a while will miss that it might be of interest to others that are considering Panama. This usually isn’t true with new bloggers, because all new experiences will be worthy of a post.

Also, I recommend reading blogs from different parts of Panama. Living in the country is different from the city. Living in the mountains is deferent from living on the beach.

Life in general is deferent. Climate is different. Security is different. Shopping is different. Obtaining services such as telephone, television and Internet may be different.

I started out thinking I would live the rest of my life in the mountains and found that I really prefer the conveniences of the city. What is right for one, may not be right for others. That is why I always recommend renting for a minimum of six months before ever considering buying anything.

Add the two blogs above to your reading list and learn what is going on in their part of the country.

5 thoughts on “A Couple New Blogs

  1. Thank you for promoting my blog! It’s true, in lots of ways living in the Azuero is very different from living in David. I can verify we don’t have all the “citified conveniences” that you all do. It’s very good to decide what you can live with or without.

  2. But Don, you forgot to put them up! Or, at least they don’t show here! Thanks for your wonderful blog and gateway to others that you provide.

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