Cafe 1820

Anytime I have to go to the Frontera, I try to stop by one of the supermarkets and pick up a bag of 1820 Coffee. It is a Costa Rican coffee that I like better than most Panamanian coffees. The cost for a 1,000 gram bag of beans (approximately 2.2 pounds) was $10.05 on Wednesday.

It is always good to buy coffee by the bean because you know what you are getting. It has been said that many brands in Panama use fillers to improve their profit margins. If you grind your own coffee beans, then you know what you are getting.


5 thoughts on “Cafe 1820

  1. If you like 1820 Coffee give the coffee from Finca Lerida a try. They have a location at the airport (Enrique Malek) as well as in Boquete.

  2. Any bean is OK. It is a Costa Rican coffee. I was talking about Panama coffee ground having filler added. I think 1829 ground is fine too, but I prefer fresh ground.

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