In 2013 Chiriquí Had 673 Earthquakes

I just read an article in El SIGLO about the number of earthquakes in Panama during 2013. If you thought you felt the ground shaking several times last year, then you probably did.

There were 1,552 earthquakes recorded in Panama and of those 673 were in Chiriquí.

The largest recorded was a 5.7 June 22. The one that caused the most damage was 4.4 on March 12 in Gualaca Caldera. There were no recorded deaths due to earthquakes in Panama in 2013.

5 thoughts on “In 2013 Chiriquí Had 673 Earthquakes

  1. WHAT !!!! And all this time I thought it was me and the misses causing the house to shake !!!!! Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Baaawhaaa….

  2. Apparently there is a company in Volcan that sells “Vertically integrated and turn-key solutions for earthquake, tsunami and volcano monitoring”, OSOP. I guess they could not have picked a better location.

  3. Just google Panama tectonics and you’ll understand why Panama’s so busy, seismically-speaking…

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