Internet Advice needed For A Reader

Any readers with experience that might answer this CC question I just received?

The info I have read about internet in your blog seems dated. I am wanting any new info on who the best provider would be for me in 2014.

I am on an island in the bay of Meurtos. About 7-8 kms from Boca Chica.

We have used a usb internet stick from Claro but it was hit & miss. Planet Telecom is out on Boca Bravo & with a small tower I could get line of sight & make it work. I think MoviStar has a system for internet too. Claro seems to have a 4 G modem router. I am not sure if it would work better. The stick we were using would be on & off. Some days it would work alright, some not much at all.
Satellite is an option & VOIP phone may be able to be bundled.

Any of your readers have any recent pearls of knowledge to share??

Happy new year to you & yours.

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  1. I would suggest that your reader try Internet Activo. I am at the beach in San Lorenzo. We are not within the service area of the providers you mentioned. The people are very accommodating and I am satisfied with service. Good Luck.

  2. Out of the internet providers listed, Plant Telecom is by far their best best. We have been using their service for over 2 years at our farm with excellent results including streaming Netflix etc. In contrast, my farm manager who lives 5 km away uses the Claro stick (because PT is not available for him) and while he can send and receive emails, we usually cannot even Skype each other.

  3. For your location – and the fact you have line of sight – definitely check out Planet Telecom. Dave and his team having been working to bring internet services (and more) to many areas that are not and probably will not be covered by the companies you mentioned.

  4. Try MobilNet – I had Planet Telecom for over a year and the customer service deteriorated to such a poor level that I could no longer justify spending the money with them. MobilNet is much better AND cheaper. I am very satisfied with their service here in Puerto Armuelles

  5. I am at the point with no understanding that anyone is giving me information on as I am not a computer literate. I know you are giving information to all that understand it, but no one is helping me to send e mails. and delete the BCC …i DONT’ KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO WHAT ..I WAS DOING BEFORE AND OK AND NOT NOW…. .Glad I am 71 and not computer literate and will see you in Heaven. ….SHUT IT DOWN AND ENJOY A WEEK….

  6. I’ve tried both MobilNet and Activo…Planet Telecom beats them both, hands down. They cost a little more, but they know what they’re doing.

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