Muñeco de Año Nuevo

One of the traditions in Panama is to have dolls made that are burned as the clock strikes midnight. Many are made to represent famous people. Some are just for fun. Our block usually has one.

This year it as telling us to Live and let Live in 2014. It may be tongue in cheek because he is armed for the alternative.


2 thoughts on “Muñeco de Año Nuevo

  1. I miss this tradition. In the early to mid 1980’s David even have a parade on New Year’s Eve featuring different “muñecos” on cars or floats, competing for a prize. One year someone made a “A team” dolls complete with the van they use to drive. Novelas characters were almost popular. Ah…memories!

  2. Live and let live…Probably a reference to the police shooting innocent citizens in unprovoked acts of aggression in the labour opposition leader,, the university prof, and the poor Indian(hindustani) teenager in Coronado.

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