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I met a couple at yesterday’s Embassy’s Outreach that had read some of my original posts on VPN and were using WiTopia to allow themselves to access some US sites that only allow US IP addresses.

They had also read my first post on Unlocator and had tried it and had some problems while Unlocator was in their early stages. I had two days of problems when I first signed up too.

However, since I have been using Unlocator now for over two months without any problems, I thought it might be worth another post.

First, if you are not aware of the benefits of a VPN, read this. Everything mentioned in my previous post about VPNs is still true. I have kept WiTopia on my laptop and use it if I am traveling to insure I have a secure connection.

I have moved to Unlocator for my home access to Netflix and Hulu for one big reason. Unlocator does not do any of the encryption that VPNs do and my Internet speed for movie streaming has doubled. My IP address shows up as a Panama IP address and Unlocator provides you with DSN addresses that solve the problem of accessing many sites.

Unlocator is still in beta and it is currently free to try, but will charge $5 a month when it leaves beta. I will have no problem paying to use them.

VPN is an advantage if you travel a lot and are using a lot of free Internet access points. If you are not aware of how dangerous it is to use non password protected Internet access, study up a bit on Internet Identity theft.

A final note on Unlocator. It will work on a PC, a router, Apple TV, Xbox or PS3, Roku and other devices. The Unlocator site specifies all supported devices, sites and has installation instructions.

Try it while it is free and see if it will work for you. I have it installed on my Apple Time Capsule (Apple’s router with automatic backup) and all devices in my house receive the benefit.

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  1. My only question is ” I what language are you writing in, and how does this affect me?” My guess is that since I don’t understand it, it won’t matter much to me either.

  2. I started using netflix a couple of days ago and have used only my local Panama IP address (for sign up and subsequent access). We access netflix through a tablet, PC, and Xbox.

    Do you know if netflix provides more content if I connect with a USA IP address? There are a lot of good movies and TV series on netflix.

  3. Don, very strange. I was not able to use Netflix before. Then a friend of mine came to visit from the states, who had a Netflix account and we watched it on my pc through his account. After doing that, I am now able to get an account and watch movies, love it, and have never used the Unlocator. As I am basically illiterate to the whole “web” thing, I am not tech savy at all, I am just happy that I am now able to use my Netflix. As I said, I dont know how or why, but I am not going to question, just watch. lol

  4. P.S. I use it on my Toshiba laptop. My only complaint, still waiting for seasons 3 and 4 for Hawaii Five-0. They left me in susupense. lol

  5. Michael. I think the US Netflix does provide more or different than the Latin American Netflix.

    Marianne, Are you still using his sign on? I am surprised if you are able to access US Netflix without some help. Try accessing Hulu from your laptop. I guarantee you won’t be able to watch it without help from a VPN or Unlocator.

  6. Good advice! I do think $5 a month is a slightly high price, especially for Unlocator, which doesn’t have the same advantages as a truw VPN. For my very efficient and reliable VPN service, I use a company called Private Internet Access. There are cheaper ones out there, but for 1 year, I originally paid only $3/month. I had 4 meg download before the VPN, and I still do. It hasn’t reduced internet access speed in any noticeable way. I have this service running on 2 tablets, an iPod, and 2 laptops. No issues for many moons.

    @Michael – it absolutely does get you more content, movies, tv shows (and non subtitled movies, ie you can actualky turn off Spanish subs on ALL titles).

    @Marianne – there’s obviously a variable we aren’t aware of here, because your account would in no way have returned to US content after using your friend’s. If you’re sill using an account that shows US, its only a matter of time before netflix classifies it as Panamanian. I visited down here a year ago, was here for 3 weeks, watching US content, and after I arrived back in the States…. the content changed. Called netflix and they explained that since thay saw a Panamanian IP so many times, it was classified as a non-US account. Oddly enough, they even said they couldn’t revert the account. I actually had to open a new account under a different email address, even though I was actually back in the States. That was when I decided a VPN was worth it (and Pandora is a bonus!)

  7. VPN does have it’s place. I also have access to Pandora, but like the new Apple Radio better. As I mentioned in the post, currently Unlocator is free and for me there was a significant speed increase. All mileage may vary as they say.

  8. If you don’t mind some ignorant questions, Don, how is it that you are able to use the VPN when you travel? Do you take a router with you, or is your computer somehow able to access a router in your home/

  9. No, I do not need a router. I have the VPN software installed on my laptop. When I access the Internet, my system is setup to use the VPN. From my laptop to the VPN server all data is encrypted and secure. I don’t activate the VPN software on my laptop unless I am away from home.

    When you contract with a VPN you have a client software that talks to companion software at the VPN provider site. If you are ever in David, I can demo it for you.

  10. Don, I’m one of the people who read your first VPN post about Witopia. I went to their website and somehow, to make a long story short, bought a Buffalo router from them, which I brought to Panama, and have it set up in my apartment here in Boquete. I do not have any VPN software. I’m totally baffled. What is the VPN software? Did you get it from Witopia? How did I get it so wrong?

  11. To continue……I am paying Witopia a yearly fee to use their servers in NYC. Are you paying some kind of a rental or lease to use their software? I never received nor was offered any software.

  12. The router had the VPN connection embedded in the router. Once connected to the Internet, after activating the account, all devices on the router are connected through VPN. Yes, you have an annual fee. You should be able to tell if it is active by finding the ip address you have on the Internet. Drop me an email and I will help you.

    Your current IP shows this comment coming in from Fort Lauderdale, Fl.

    And yes, I also pay an annual fee to have use of the VPN on my laptop, but it is less than the router fee.

  13. I compared netflix content when connected using my Panama IP address versus a connection using my VPN (Witopia) service with a Miami IP address. I did a search on 2 TV programs I like to watch: Homeland and Person of Interest. With the Panama IP address, netflix indicated those two programs were not available. With the Miami IP address, netflix indicated those programs were available on DVD (for an additional $8/month).

    Anyway…we may soon drop Cable Onda (after another week of netflix testing) as our TV service provider. We seldom watch it. Our viewing content primarily comes/will come from netflix, hulu, and Internet forums sharing content not available on netflix, and so on. My wife and I can watch the news online…she watches national news in Panama via the Internet. I watch news via several outlets.

  14. Don, No I have my own account now. I was using his in the beginning but now I got my own account and am paying for it myself. And Michael, so far, so good. I have had it over 2 almost 3 months now and I am still able to watch it. I am watching a series right now. Hopefully I will always be able to use it.

    I think somehow, with his account access on my pc, it somehow enabled my pc to get it. So I figured, let me try again and sure enough I have it now. Dont jinx me. lol

  15. I tried to sign up for Unlocator but got the message “Sorry, we do not allow new signups from your IP anymore.”

    An internet search for info on this got the following:

    Our internet connection is through a router we share with one neighbor, who is not using Unlocator. Any ideas?

  16. This was deleted from my previous post:

    Last Updated: Oct 24, 2013 01:50PM CEST
    Our DNS servers have to use each users IP address for identification. If more than one user has the same IP then problems might arise. As a result we can only allow one user account pr. IP.

    But why is my IP already taken you say. Well in some instances you are connected to the Internet from the same IP as other users. Perhaps you are connecting from an Internet connection provided by a building/apartment complex, dorm, work etc. and another user from the same connection has already created an account with Unlocator.

    Unfortunately you will be unable to use our service if another user has already occupied your current IP.

  17. Well, Suze, that is a new one for me. I understand how a router will be given an IP address, and it would seem to me that someone at onetime on that router had to signup for Unlocater. Could it be that they moved?

  18. Well no, we are the only two who have ever used that router. Could there be a larger group of users from our service provider (Activo) that would have our same IP?

  19. Hi Don, just tried that hulu link and no I cannot access it. But my Netflix, is still working, and it is the US version, not the latin American. So will just keep watching from there, hopefully they wont take it away from me.

  20. Can I use unlocator with US tv now.Which allows you to watch US Tv over seas and present day shows

  21. Related to US Tv, Unlocator has no affect as USTv does not care what part of the world you live in. I personally have never had good luck with US Tv and never use it.

  22. Hello Don:

    Thanks for your very helpful posts. I live in Panama City and use unlocator to watch the US version of Netflix at home. I have everything Mac (including routers) but since a couple of months now, I cannot access the US contents of Netflix. If I take my appletv to someone else’s place, it works fine.
    I have changed the DNS settings on both the routers (main and slave) and in all of my devices, but nothing seems to work. I keep getting the Latin American version of Netflix.
    Any suggestions?

  23. Hi Jose. Have you logged into your account at unlocator.com? The only time I have a problem is if Cable Onda has changed my home IP address. When that happens, I have to log into Unlocator and register the new IP address.

    If that is not your problem, I would submit a trouble report to Unlocator and have them help solve the problem.

  24. Hello Don

    Yes, I have logged in and got the “three green checkmarks”. I was wondering if it could be that Cableonda does not allow services like unlocator. It seems to work fine everywhere else!

  25. I want to use unlocator on my android and it asks for a private API. I sstay in the states and want to know what benefits I can get from unlocator, Im lookn to make my IP distant from anywhere I may ever be at the time. I am not a master mind when it comes to the internet, but want to make sure bigger brother isnt always looking over my shoulder. And Thanks for you info

  26. So unlocator won’t keep me from getting caught downloading movies and or music since it doesn’t change my ip address?

  27. UNLOCATOR is for streaming not downloading sites. See the supported sites that UNLOCATOR supports.iunderstand that NetFlix is being fixed.

  28. Thanks Don – yes there is a beta fix for unlocator that fixes the proxy issue with netflix in USA only

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