5 thoughts on “Fire at Joron Zebede Today

  1. Well, it won´t be the only one this year. last Monday around 7 pm I was in Arrochas. Just when I was about to leave, I semelled something was burning and told one of the employees and she said yes, It smells like a short circuit. All of sudden there was a fine film of smoke in the whole store and I decided to pay al leave. while at the register, people started noticing the smoke and the manager walked by. I said to her, I think it´s time to call the fire department and ask them to send their experts to help you find where the short is. Her response was: I won´t call the fire dept because it is a false alarm and she told three employees to start looking around for a short circuit. Well people wer coughing and several of them including me, called the fire dept. That manager was wating for the flames to show up to consider calling the fire dept.

  2. Thank God there is no salsa dancing during the day. And thank God we called the fire dept to pay a visit to Arrocha or the store would have been burned down during the night as most of the time happens.

  3. An iconic place in David, memories of good times dancing and enjoying some “frias”. It was the place to go for New Year. Sad to see it go.

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