Well I’ll be Dorned

DSC01125You may remember that a couple weeks ago I took a tumble and hit my right hip and right shoulder. I have given it two weeks to recover and as of yesterday, I was still having problems. Primarily with my right leg. I was unable to use my right leg to climb the two steps to our terrace and there was no way, I would have tackled the stairs at the Regional hospital for the Embassy.

As a result, I decided to visit Robert Watson. Several of his clients have written me about the work that he had done for them. Robert is from Germany, where the Dorn technique originated.

On one of Lilliam’s walks, she met one of Robert’s clients walking backwards up a hill near out house. He told Lilliam that when he started seeing Robert, he needed two canes to walk. He was now totally without any need of walking assistance.

With all the positive feedback I was receiving, and with two weeks of minimal improvement, I decided to give Robert and the Dorn method a try and see if it would speed up my recovery. Just like Chicken Soup, it couldn’t hurt.

Yesterday Lilliam and I spent about 1 1/2 hours with Robert. During that time, he assisted Lilliam with some adjustments that are intended to reduce her migraine headaches. She is scheduled for another treatment next week.

DSC01123During my time, Robert pressed, poked and managed to find almost every pain point in my body. Most of the time the adjustments were done accompanied by me moving a related part of my body as Robert applied pressure. Apparently the Dorn method is joining chiropractic adjustments of alignment with movement assisting to make the adjustments easier.

This was not a painless exercise. However, this was not a bone cracking experience either, as I have preciously associated with chiropractic sessions.

This morning I asked Lilliam how she felt and she said she felt her visit had helped.

Speaking for myself. I can feel improvement as well. Yesterday, I was walking up stairs , only using my left leg to lift. This morning I am able to climb the same stairs with both legs. I am not saying that it is perfect, but noticeably better than before. If it continues to improve over the next week, I will declare it a complete success.

I will tell you that I have never been an advocate of chiropractic treatment. Like I said before, my previous experience has been with what I would call bone-crackers. When adjustments were done, you could hear as well as feel it. Right or wrong, I believe if bone adjustment makes a significant noise, then it can’t be a good thing.

Yesterday, I heard nothing, but felt a lot.

Robert reinforced several things, I should have realized, but needed to be re-reminded. Most importantly, when you suffer a fall such as I did, and it hurts to move in ways that were previously second nature, your body tends to start making adjustment to reduce the pain. Over time those minor changes, such as climbing stairs with one leg carrying the load, weakens the body and if continued will become a major problem.

Robert said yesterday, that he felt I should be in good shape in three to four days, provided I become less sedentary. Ok, so I have homework to make the visit pay off.

I was pleased to see that I was not recommended to have a series of xx treatments over the next few weeks. There was no hocus-pocus using Electronic devices that I don’t trust identifying areas needing attention.

I was told to call if I didn’t feel better in a week, but his feeling was that nothing more was needed other than exercise and not allowing the body to alter normal movements due to the fall.

Robert Watson
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Robert has his clinic set up in Santa Rosa. I am including a map. It took me about 15 minutes to get there from David. If you are having problems similar to mine you might want to call Robert. As I said, like chicken soup, it can’t hurt.

If you do contact Robert, tell him you read about him in Chiriquí Chatter.

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16 thoughts on “Well I’ll be Dorned

  1. Don, I may have to visit you for a treatment. The ACA may find me too old to help. Young guy like you will be OK soon. All the best, Dick

  2. Hi Dick. Good to hear from you! You are up there in ObamaCare country and I am sure that young fellow is going to take care of you. Choke – Gag – Cough.

  3. Hi Don Ray, First of all I want to thank you for your post on yesterday’s treatment and I’m glad to hear that you are doing better. As a matter of fact I didn’t expect anything else. Remember I told your wife, that this is just a try and a five minute “first aid” for her migraine. Migraines can have 34 different causes and I only can take care of 27 of them. But since she feels better, I now know that I can take care of her problems and get her painfree for the future in only one treatment next week. Let me say one thing to Dick Kane’s comment. I have a client in Mata del Frances who took her 98 year old mother to her house, because her sister who had taken care of her just gave her tranquilizers and set her in a wheelchair all day long, not to be bottered by the lovely old lady, who suffers Alzheimer. As I went to the house for a housecall to treat the daughter and her husband, she asked me if I also could see her mom, who wasn’t able to walk no more. So I worked on both of her knees and after 20 minutes the old lady was able to walk again. For the moment everyone was happy, but soon the situation turned out to be another problem. Since the cute old lady can walk again, she permanently takes off with different excuses like … she “needs” to go to the river to do the laundry, she needs to bring her husband (he passed away some month ago with 106 ! ! !) food out to the field, where he works for their farm or she needs to go to the city to do shoppings, and so on. Now they are busy all day long, looking for the active mother in their huge yard of about two hectars.

  4. I am so happy that you provided this story to all of us with pain. The Dorn method makes complete sense, and I am afraid that I am one of the people who let the pain go and my body adjusted in the wrong ways. Of course this has led to a cascade of problems. I am moving to Panama next year and now I know one of my first medical visits. Thanks

  5. Don Ray, how great that you found Robert and that you are feeling better. After many years of back pain, to hear my husband say the words “I have no pain”, was truly amazing. Robert gave us both great exercises which we do daily and they really help.
    We are all fortunate to have him here in Chiriqui.

  6. Thanks for all your input…I have been dealing with was on my results from Gastrointestinal parasite since Last Nov. Had (didn’t have to but did) to go to 3 Drs. and hospital and I am not well. .I am sick and cannot afford over $600 for no relief. I am sick and no funds to take care of myself. I Have insurance and they don’t accept.here. …Good bye.

  7. I know you promoted your Dr. but I have not seen anything detrimental to the work done by installation….What did you do about that? Anything? reported? to anyone? IF you do this, it will eliminate future problems??? Please don’t get mad at me. Just curious…. Get on these people that are creating the problems, not those you pay for —- for their stupid installation…Thanks

  8. First, I don’t consider this post a promotion, but rather my experience from my visit. Other’s experiences may vary, but that is the reason for having comments.

    Second, I have no idea what you are talking about when you say installation.

  9. Hi Don,
    I was going to travel there to see Robert but just saw he passed away a few months ago, which I am sorry to hear. Would you know if anyone else is there doing the Dorn Method? thanks for your help

  10. I have heard of one, but have no knowledge of his capability. I have met him once and his personality is not as good as Robert’s. Email me if you want more information.

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