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La Academia

Our church had a guest choir on Sunday. It was La Academia. I really liked them. I videoed a couple of their songs and missed several I wished I had been able to record.

I think everyone left church with more bounce in their step. I know that I left church with a bounce in my step.

They are available for all occasions.

La Academia

If you think life isn’t fair, just wait until you get to death.

Internet Advice needed For A Reader

Any readers with experience that might answer this CC question I just received?

The info I have read about internet in your blog seems dated. I am wanting any new info on who the best provider would be for me in 2014.

I am on an island in the bay of Meurtos. About 7-8 kms from Boca Chica.

We have used a usb internet stick from Claro but it was hit & miss. Planet Telecom is out on Boca Bravo & with a small tower I could get line of sight & make it work. I think MoviStar has a system for internet too. Claro seems to have a 4 G modem router. I am not sure if it would work better. The stick we were using would be on & off. Some days it would work alright, some not much at all.
Satellite is an option & VOIP phone may be able to be bundled.

Any of your readers have any recent pearls of knowledge to share??

Happy new year to you & yours.

I’m not very influential. Last time I pulled some strings my sweater unraveled.

America supports education.
The average college professor earns more in a year than most pro athletes earn in a whole week.

VPN vs Unlocator

I met a couple at yesterday’s Embassy’s Outreach that had read some of my original posts on VPN and were using WiTopia to allow themselves to access some US sites that only allow US IP addresses.

They had also read my first post on Unlocator and had tried it and had some problems while Unlocator was in their early stages. I had two days of problems when I first signed up too.

However, since I have been using Unlocator now for over two months without any problems, I thought it might be worth another post.

First, if you are not aware of the benefits of a VPN, read this. Everything mentioned in my previous post about VPNs is still true. I have kept WiTopia on my laptop and use it if I am traveling to insure I have a secure connection.

I have moved to Unlocator for my home access to Netflix and Hulu for one big reason. Unlocator does not do any of the encryption that VPNs do and my Internet speed for movie streaming has doubled. My IP address shows up as a Panama IP address and Unlocator provides you with DSN addresses that solve the problem of accessing many sites.

Unlocator is still in beta and it is currently free to try, but will charge $5 a month when it leaves beta. I will have no problem paying to use them.

VPN is an advantage if you travel a lot and are using a lot of free Internet access points. If you are not aware of how dangerous it is to use non password protected Internet access, study up a bit on Internet Identity theft.

A final note on Unlocator. It will work on a PC, a router, Apple TV, Xbox or PS3, Roku and other devices. The Unlocator site specifies all supported devices, sites and has installation instructions.

Try it while it is free and see if it will work for you. I have it installed on my Apple Time Capsule (Apple’s router with automatic backup) and all devices in my house receive the benefit.

I just knew I was going to get thrown out of the optimism society.