Only A Couple Weeks Late

Halloween in Panama compared to the US, depends on where you live. Before we moved, I never saw any sign of Trick of Treaters. In our new neighborhood, there is always something going on and all holidays call for a fiesta.

DSC01118Our neighbor decorated his house and there was goodies for all )Adult and child). A great time was had by all.

The trick or Treaters went by the houses and also the main celebration location. DSC01119We gave out a bunch of candy, but I did have some to take me into the following week.

I really like this neighborhood. Friendly people, always planning on the next get together and a fun place to live. Life doesn’t get better than this.

4 thoughts on “Only A Couple Weeks Late

  1. People would do well to investigate the origins of ‘halloween’. I believe that sentient, moral beings would then reconsider the implications of giving power over to an illness that serves no decent person.

    “Thanksgiving” falls into the same category and hits much ‘closer to home’ if you were born on US soil and continue to pay homage to a shameless, brutal history.

    Count me OUT!

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