Good News – Sort Of

The other day we were near Super 99 in the evening and decided to see if Popeye’s was open. It used to be my favorite Pizza place. However, for well over a year, when I dropped by near noon, it would be closed. The sign with the hours hasn’t changed and the hours are wrong.

Now I know why it was never open when I was there. It is open from 4 PM until 10 PM monday through Saturday.

I always liked Popeyes because it uses a wood fired oven and the pizza was unique. When Pino, the Italian owner was there, he always had a small appetizer of fresh baked bread, that he gave you prior to the pizza being ready. Really good and a nice touch! When Pino headed back to Italy it became another pizza place. Makes me think of the difference between an artist and a painter.

This time I ordered what I alway used to order “Cuatro Estaciones” and waited with hopeful expectations. When the pizza came, it looked similar, but was a little different. It was good , but not great. After thinking about it, I think the difference was the care that the cook used when spreading the cheese. It didn’t seem to be uniformly spread and that caused it to be thicker in some places than others resulting in the crust not being uniformly toasted.


As I said, it was good, but not the same as when Pino was there. Still worth a try, if you are in the area during the time it is open.

Speaking of Pizza, I have seen two more Pizza places that have opened and since I like Pizza, they are on my list to try. One is on the one way street known as calle rapida that exits at the InterAmerican highway by Cochez. The restaurant is across the street from plaza Mallorca. I have heard they sell pizza by the yard.

Another is across the street from Cuatro’s Restaurant. If you get there before me, give me a heads up.

9 thoughts on “Good News – Sort Of

  1. If you haven’t already give Baru Restaurant (in downtown Boquete across from the park. It’s kinda hidden there) a try. We had their pizza for the first time yesterday & came away impressed.

  2. I never liked Popeye’s, and we tried it twice to make sure we just didn’t catch them on an “off” day. We like the small place across from Dairy Queen and the Delta station near the McDonald’s road. It’s on the side street that Y’s into the McDonald’s road, about half a block from the intersection.
    Also want to try out the new place you blogged about recently.

  3. I was very impressed with the pizza at Tambu Country….enough so that I have been back several times!

  4. When I first saw the word Popeye’s it set my taste buds going, and then saw it was the pizza joint and not the fried chicken franchise. BUMMER! LOVE that chicken from Popeye’s. So far, for my palate, the best pizza I’ve had here is at the Italian restaurant at Hotel Nacional, but I haven’t been there in over a year, and, as you mentioned with Popeye’s, things change.

  5. I think one of the best pizzas in town with the best ingredients is Churasko’s near the Mara Pan bakery.

  6. Mike, I doubt that you have been there in a while. When I was at BOLOS, across the street, it looks like Churasko’s is not there anymore. I didn’t like their pizza, so I didn’t help them stay open.

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