Significant Hardware Improvement

IMG_0658I recently purchased a refurbished Apple AirPort Air Capsule from the Apple Website and had a friend bring it to me from the US.

I received it this morning. After plugging it in, my local area network and wireless network were up and running within 5 minutes. This is by far the easiest router I have ever installed.

This device is Apple’s 2012 model and as such was much more cost effective than the 2013 model. This Apple AirPort Time Capsule contains a 2 TB hard drive and will automagically take system backups of all of my Apple PCs connected to it on an hourly basis.

What I have been able to measure is that my WiFi transmission rate has improved by a factor of 2. Apple makes it very easy to measure the transmission rate between the PC and the Time Capsule or router.

There were some trade off considerations I made in choosing an Apple AirPort device (router would be the terminology others would recognize). The most obvious was that the Apple device was more expensive than other routers. However, when you compare features, ease of use, and performance, the Apple device is a very good value.

As soon as I plugged it in and connected my PCs to the network, it informed me that a firmware upgrade was available. I requested the upgrade be installed and the device did everything.

If you have ever done a firmware upgrade, you know how stressful this can be. This was a piece of cake. Apple provides an application on its PCs called the AirPort Utility. This application was easy to use and the initial connection was virtually done by the product. All I had to do was provide a password for the device.

The fact that the device forces you to create a password before it can be used is extremely important and makes the device much more secure than any of the other routers in the marketplace. Those routers come with a default User ID and password.

If the user does not change the router defaults, anyone with simple equipment can gain access to the router and with that access to all PCs connected to the router. It is a simple matter to go to the Internet and look up the default for all other routers. This is a serious security hole that Apple closes.

I paid $199 for my unit. It looks and operates like new. It is a beautiful device as are all Apple devices. The current equivalent module would have cost 50% more. That extra cost would have provided technology that would improve throughput for newer device that can make use of the the new technology.

None of my devices would have benefited from those improvements.

The photo, above, is of my new device and to it’s left the router it is replacing. Lilliam approves of the esthetics of this device in her living room.

There is one difference that I should between the Airport Time Capsule and the other router and that is that there are only three Ethernet connections on the Airport device. There were four on the other device.

For most people this should not be an inconvenience. For some there may be a need to add a switch to allow for more Ethernet connections.

My orchard has grown.

2 thoughts on “Significant Hardware Improvement

  1. Completely agree Don Ray. We picked one up & works great. One other note (in case people aren’t aware or couldn’t infer from the name of the device) is that the Time Capsule is not only a router but it also can back-up your hard drive at intervals the user can set. Not too shabby..

  2. Yes, that is the reason I went with the Time Capsule instead of the AirPort Extreme, which similar but without the hard drive. If a person is not interested in the hard drive, the 2012 Extreme is going for $99.

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