5 thoughts on “Still On Windows XP?

  1. Hello Don,

    still half on XP and never had a better system running,
    step over to seven nearly completed on all machines,
    after the short useless endeavor with 8,
    a waste of time, as former Vista.

    Greetings from the wet and cool Scottish lowlands

    Counting the remaining days down


  2. As stated “… The software giant hopes to compel XP users to dump XP and upgrade to Windows 7 or Windows 8 — …” Don, what did you expect a Microsoft VP to say, they want to make MONEY, next month he’ll be bad mouthing WIN 7. Personally, I will never move from WIN 7 to 8 which the hackers will be salivating to hack. The mindset of hackers is to hack the latest technology not beat up on old technology already hacked. Retired, 25 years in corporate security (Mainframes & PC’s).

  3. Personally, I thought that Windows 7 was the best system MS ever put out. Yes, even better than XP. However, now that I am on OSX and Apple I am as happy as I was with W7 and all my devices talk to each other.

  4. I like 7 and I’ll stay with 7 on my laptop. I have XP on a backup computer and was never interested in upgrading to Vista. I bought a laptop for someone recently that came with 8. During the setup, I was extremely disappointed with 8 and then understood why the PC market had taken a tumble in sales and the reason the CEO of MS was on his way out. I took the laptop to a techie in David and had him install 7 on this laptop. I’ve never been an “early adopter” with operating systems.

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